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GIF: Mark Reynolds and the most ridiculous swing EVER (now with more views!)

August 8, 2012

Lost in the hoopla of yesterday’s huge extra-inning comeback win by the Birds was this little bit of insanity.

Game situation: Bottom of the 11th inning, game tied 7-7. Mark Reynolds leads off for the Orioles, facing Oliver Perez of Seattle. Two ball, two strike count.

And away we go:

h/t Orioles Nation

h/t Lookout Landing

I was chatting on GMail with a buddy at the time. Here are our reactions to the above:

Chop: bahahahahahaha
 me: hahahahaha
 Chop: omg
 me: that’s gonna be a great gif

And thank you, internet. It is now a great gif.

I don’t want to bag on the sheriff too much – his defense late in Monday’s game is a big reason why the O’s have a chance for the 3-game sweep tonight.

But man…that swing.

As @biggsnake on twitter said (and this is where we ask our younger readers to avert their eyes):

“He looked like he was trying to kill a fly with a dildo.”

Pretty much.

Mark Reynolds – most gif-able Oriole.


The newest Baltimore tailgate anthem – Purple Solo Cup!

June 5, 2012

This past weekend was the 48th annual Ravens Roost convention in Ocean City, Maryland (yes, 48. It was the Colts Corral Convention previously), and for about the eighth consecutive year, Goob and I were in attendance. This year, we re-wrote the lyrics to Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup” to better suit the occasion, and Goob sang it (several times). If you weren’t there, first off I’m sorry. But secondly, here is the video evidence. Lyrics within the video and below:

Now a purple solo cup is the best receptacle
for barbecues, tailgates, and Ravens festivals
and you sir, do not have a pair of testicles
if you prefer drinking from glass

A purple solo cup is cheap and disposable
and if the Browns ever win something, they’ll be decomposable
and unlike a Pittsburgh fan, my house is not forecloseable
Steeler Nation kiss my ass

Purple Solo Cup, I fill you up
It’s a Ravens Party! It’s a Ravens party!
I love you, Purple Solo Cup
I lift you up, proceed to party! Proceed to party!

Now I love to hold you up and cheers for a sack
Even better when it’s Big Ben on his back
Because when he gets hit and his nose goes “crack”
well that my friends is kinda…funny

But I have to admit the fans get smitten
Admiring how sharply “Goob” is written
On you with a sharpie when I get to hittin’
the tailgate lots to get drunk!

Purple Solo Cup, Steelers really suck
It’s a Ravens party! It’s a Ravens party!
Purple Solo Cup, Steelers really suck
proceed to party! Proceed to party!

Now I’ve seen you in blue and I’ve seen you in red
but “give me purple” is what I said
‘cuz you’re the Ray-Ray to my Ed
and we’re all just Wacko for Flacco!

Purple Solo Cup, you’re more than just plastic
You’re more than amazing, you’re more than fantastic
and believe that I’m not the least bit sarcastic
when I drunkenly look at you and say…

Purple Solo Cup, you’re not just a cup
You’re my…you’re my friend.
Thank you, for holding all my beer.

Purple Solo Cup, I fill you up
It’s a Ravens Party! It’s a Ravens Party!

Solo Cup!

Steelers Suck!

GOOBVISION – AFC Championship Recap

January 24, 2012

In easily the most somber GOOBVISION to date, Goob looks back on the heart-wrenching AFC Championship loss to the Patriots.

GOOBVISION – Ravens @ Patriots AFC Championship Preview

January 18, 2012

Late January and Goob is still making Ravens preview videos (hopefully this will be the second to last, as opposed to the last, of the year). This time he takes aim at Tom CryBrady, Massholes, and wonders if Bernard Pollard has any more Pats-killing mojo left.

GOOBVISION – Ravens/Texans Divisional Playoff Preview

January 11, 2012

The regular season was a blast – both for Goob and for the team – but now the playoffs are here and it’s time for both to really get serious.

Festivus Video from Some Lady Ravens Fans

January 9, 2012

I saw this video last night while goofing around on twitter (@BMoreBirdsNest). These rabid Raven fan ladies went all out to make a very goofy and entertaining Festivus video that features a girl in a football helmet scaring a cow wearing a Ben Roethlisberger “jersey,” lots of girl-on-girl tackling (WOOO!), and a SPOT ON Joe Flacco impression. I really enjoyed it. Take a few minutes and have a look.

If you liked it, check out the girls on twitter (@jes_heller, @JulieMac32). Jes also wrote a really good piece defending Joe Flacco a few weeks back on her blog (read it here).


January 9, 2012

Of course Goob can’t help but take this opportunity to laugh maniacally over the Pittsburgh Steelers being eliminated in overtime by Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

GOOBVISION – AFC North Champs Edition!

January 1, 2012

Goob celebrates the Ravens’ first AFC North title since 2006 (and first division sweep in franchise history) by handing out some hardware here in his first ever “GOOBIE” awards.

Redesigned Bengals Helmets

December 30, 2011

For the Ravens’ final game of the regular season, they play the Cincinnati Bengals. As has become recent tradition around these parts, we’re here to give Cincy some more…appropriate…designs for their helmets.

A few years ago, you’d have a harder time finding a player on the Bengals who HADN’T been arrested than one who had. They’ve cleaned up their act a bit recently, but this design is just too good to pass up:

I mean hell, this is still a team that currently employs Adam “Pac Man” Jones, so they’re not totally undeserving. Here’s a helmet just for Adam:

In order to sell out Sunday’s game, Cincy had to resort to some shady tactics in their ticket office – selling “buy one, get one” packages to season ticket holders. Pretty pathetic, Bengals fans.

If they hadn’t the game would – as most of their games are – been blacked out locally. Maybe they should switch to a more basic helmet design until their fan base can get their act together…

This next helmet design honors wide receiver Jerome Simpson. By now everyone has seen his ridiculous acrobatics from last week, but just in case you haven’t…

This one’s for you, Jerome. To thank us, please don’t do anything nearly that incredible against the Ravens, k?

Finally…we couldn’t do Bengals helmets without a little ginger hate, could we?


GOOBVISION: Christmas Eve Tailgate

December 29, 2011

Goob hits the tailgate lots on Xmas Eve for Ravens-Browns and brings you some footage from what we all hope will NOT be the final game at M&T Bank Stadium this NFL season. Featuring the Baltimore Christmas Classic “Walking in an Essex Wonderland!”