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Opening Day at the Yard

April 5, 2011

The O’s improved to 4-0 on the young season with a 5-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers. B’More Birds’ Nest was in attendance to bring you some sights and sounds from the festivities.

Be sure to watch for the guy at 0:30.  I’ve heard of people’s own immune systems turning against them – in this case I hope this guy’s body turns against his left arm and stops pumping blood to it so it falls off (though he had the same “art” on his legs too.)



B'More Birds' Nest at the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl

February 10, 2011

As our week of Super Bowl XLV videos concludes, we see Goob taking part in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl.  In the clip below, you’ll see all of Goob’s “highlights” from the television broadcast of the  game, including catching a touchdown pass from Warren Moon, doing the Ray Lewis dance, diving to break up a pass intended for Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford, and getting asked for his phone number by supermodel Marisa Miller.  You’ll also see some behind-the-scenes footage from the VIP area, Celebrity Green Room, and “Blue Carpet.”

Media Row Tour with Ray Rice

February 9, 2011

On Friday, DirecTV hooked us up with a “mystery” Ravens player for a tour of media row in Dallas.  That mystery man turned out to be none other than #27 Ray Rice.  Rice was a blast, hanging with us for about four hours (two longer than he was obliged to) and keeping us laughing and smiling the entire time.  Goob was on local (105.7 the Fan, WNST) and National (Jim Rome, Tony Bruno, Two Live Stews, ProFootballTalk, others) radio shows with Rice talking about the Ravens and his DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan win.

Once Ray left, our press passes were still good, so we wandered around and got some more interviews for B’More Birds’ Nest purposes.

On the whole, just an incredible, incredible day.  Check it out:

Ravens Fan Scores TD, Does Ray Lewis Dance in Celeb Beach Bowl

February 8, 2011

That Ravens fan was, of course, our very own Goob Theoharris. Here’s the highlight reel…fast forward to 1:30 for the TD and dance.


February 8, 2011

Well, Goob and I are finally back in Raleigh and B’More, respectively after the most incredible weekend of our lives.  We’ll have (at least) three videos chronicling our time in Dallas and Arlington at Super Bowl XLV. We’ll start in reverse chronological order, with Sunday and the game itself.  Goob and I wandered the Jerry World parking lots in search of Packers fans to befriend and Steelers fans to heckle, then proceeded inside to watch the Steelers choke away the biggest game of the year.  Damn good times.  Enjoy:

Goob and Ray Rice on Pro Football Talk

February 6, 2011

On Friday, Goob and Ray Rice sat down with Mike Florio of for one of their many interviews.

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B'More Birds' Nest Live from the Super Bowl

February 5, 2011

Here’s a little teaser video from yesterday’s Radio Row action. We’ll be back later with the full product, but for now, whet your B’More sports whistles with this:

For now, we’re off to the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl!


January 20, 2011

Last month, we posted Goob’s entry into DirecTV’s “Ultimate Displaced Fan” Contest, and begged for your votes. Well, apparently you guys came through, because out of the more than 3000 entries into the contest, Goob’s was chosen from among the finalists as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

That’s right, our very own Goob Theoharris is DirecTV’s 2010 Ultimate Displaced Fan. As part of his Grand Prize, Goob wins a trip to the Super Bowl in Dallas! As his videographer skills were honed right here at B’More Birds’ Nest (and some of his past Nest videos were a big part of his winning entry), Goob is being kind enough to take me along as his guest.

So, next month will be “NestMinder and Goob Do Dallas” time here at the Nest.

Also as part of his win, Goob gets to hang out with his favorite Raven for a full media tour, and play in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Flag Football Game, where he will be catching passes from the likes of Joe Montana or Steve Young, and hopefully matching up in (wo)man coverage with Marisa Miller.

Here is a video of last year’s winner for an idea of what Goob has in store (minus Whines Hard, of course):

Congratulations, Goob. This whole thing is absolutely insane, and is still sinking in for the both of us.

We’ll be at the Super Bowl. Unfortunately – although we had seen this contest win as a GREAT sign for them when we first found out last week – the Ravens will not be joining us.  In an even crueler twist of fate, should Rex Ryan’s Jets not be able to pull off a huge upset on Sunday night, we’ll have to go watch the mf’ing Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Super Bowl.

It’s like the universe is playing a terrible, terrible joke on us.  It’s as if we made a deal with the devil – but instead of getting our souls, we have to watch the Steelers play in the big game.  Can’t wait to be surrounded by Steelers’ “fans” that grew up in Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas.

At least we’ll get to cheer against them, I guess?


Here is the full press release, lest you think we are joking:,1622732.html

Goob's Steelers Hate Week III Video

January 12, 2011

Even after already having graced us with three hate-filled Steelers videos already this season, Goob Theoharris still has plenty of vitriol left for Round 3 between these two heavyweights.

From Terry Bradshaw and Merrill Hoge to “displaced” Steelers fans and Big Ben’s so-called “engagement,” our resident Woody Harrelson lookalike is hitting on all cylinders this time around.


Goob's Pregame Thoughts – Wild Card Playoff Edition

January 7, 2011

Here’s Goob Theoharris with his Ravens-Chiefs preview. This week, some fan favorites from Goob videos past make their returns!