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GOOBVISION: Ravens 23 Steelers 20 Instant Reaction

November 7, 2011

A slightly intoxicated Goob gives his thoughts on the Ravens SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP of the Steelers. It tastes so damn good.

Update: Welp, this one had a short shelf life. If you were lucky enough to see it while it was out there, consider yourself among the lucky. The rest of you will just have to wait for the next one…


Steelers Fans Try to "Slam" GOOBVISION? Please.

November 1, 2011

Does everything a Steelers’fan says have to involve the number six?

Steelers blogger Dale Grdnic, asked SIX times for me to “come talk to [you]”, so here I am!

I was going to go easy on you because I know Steelers24x7 is in its infant stage as a website and I thought the same was true for its writers… I’m so happy I was wrong!

You’ve published a book titled Pittsburgh Steelers Glory Days and have been a “writer” for over 15 years? Wow, I figured with all of that experience under your belt, you would put a little more effort into your error-filled article.

Every Steelers fan missed the point of this video and my intentions for filming it. I am in agreement that someone doesn’t have to be from their favorite team’s home market to justify themselves as a fan.

My sole purpose of this video was to show the lack of knowledge by the same people who default to the amount of Super Bowl championships their team has won as their only argument.

A foolproof way to weed through “real” fans versus “fair-weather” fans is to ask basic questions about the franchise they cheer for. I’m not asking for the waist sizes of the Steel Curtain, I’m asking basic team information.

There is a clear epidemic going on in the NFL and that is why so many people are fans of one team, and a successful one at that. The overwhelming presence of one fan base from people with no affiliation to the town the team is from versus the other 31 NFL franchises is staggering.

Dale, let’s take a look at what you said and why you bother me. 

“First of all, those Raleigh, N.C. rednecks are not typical Steelers fans”

Sammy’s is home to the Steel Triangle Fan Club, and hosts 200-300 Steelers fans each game; this club is a “dues-paying membership organization”.  I don’t know how many people who are “not typical Steelers fans”, would pay money to sit together and watch football games in a bar. 

“When the Ravens are a franchise for more than a cup of coffee, which basically is their existence compared to the Steelers’ history, then come talk to me.”

Comparing the success of an older franchise versus a younger one isn’t necessarily accurate. Time has been on the Steelers side and who’s to say the Ravens can’t win five more Super Bowls in 63 years?

After 78 years as a franchise, the Steelers needed to have some success or championships before their franchise was relocated; the success of the franchise has depended heavily on the second half of their existence.

The one Super Bowl the Ravens have in their first five years is far more impressive than the 14 years it took the Steelers to make their first playoff appearance. Oh by the way, it also took the Steelers 41 years until they won their first Super Bowl.

“I know Joe Flacco has taken the Ravens to three playoff appearances in his three NFL seasons. Come talk to me when he has a winning record in the post-season. I won’t hold my breath.”

Dale, may I please talk? Thank you! Joe has a 4-3 playoff record and unless I missed something huge (like you did), I’m pretty sure that’s a winning record.

I’ve wished many things on Steelers fans but death isn’t one of them. Please take a breath because that team isn’t worth your life.

“The Steelers are 6-1 and have the best record in the AFC, while the Ravens are 4-2. They lost to the Tennessee Titans the next week, also lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars and should have lost to the Arizona Cardinals.”

Really? You’re making this too easy on me Dale. The Steelers are 6-2 and are on top of the AFC only because you haven’t had your bye week yet; the Ravens would own a tiebreaker with the Steelers because they did happen to beat them head to head.

The Ravens are 5-2 (not 4-2) and have lost both games to opponents the Steelers beat. Not only did the Steelers lose to Baltimore, they lost to the Texans, who we beat.

Determining a team’s success head to head based off of common opponents shows you do not know what you’re talking about. If you do want to stick with that theory, how does losing to the Ravens 35-7 factor in?

“The Ravens have just one win in Pittsburgh since 2001. Don’t count on that trend to change anytime soon. Come talk to me when it does.”

Dale, may I speak again?

In reference to your comment, the Ravens have TWO wins in Pittsburgh since 2001. For the sake of argument and since Steelers fans love pointing out our one Super Bowl, let’s just look at the decade.

2000- Ravens win at Three Rivers

2001- Ravens win at Heinz Field

2006- Ravens win at Heinz Field

2010- Ravens win at Heinz Field

The Steelers are dominant at home, and we’ll admit that, but please get your facts straight.

“Many fans can’t afford to go to the games, while some just can’t get there. And, yes, Stub Hub is a good way to get tickets, but prices usually are exorbitant for a team that has been sold out for several decades now. Come talk to me when that’s the case for the Ravens.” 

Guess what… I’m talking to you again!
The Ravens have sold out EVERY home game since the franchise came to Baltimore in 1996. M&T Bank Stadium has a capacity of over 6,000 more seats than Heinz Field and the Ravens also have a huge season ticket wait list.
I live five hours from M&T Bank Stadium; I’ve attended at least 4 home games and 2 away games per year while living in North Carolina.

My season tickets have DOUBLED in price in the past four years from $45 to $90 so I understand what the impact is. You blame the failing of the steel industry for the spread of Steelers fans nationwide and now you want to cry poverty too? C’mon Man!

“One should surmise that the Ravens can only win at home against the Steelers, and that shouldn’t change this week, either. If it does, you can come talk to me about it.” 

Do we see a trend here? Based off of all the times you’ve invited me previously to “come talk to [you] about it”, things should look good for the Ravens on Sunday.

Dale, you’ve frankly wasted my time but also inspired me to write a book.

Apparently publishing companies are handing out deals to people with ZERO credibility.

For those doubting the accuracy of my video: Everyone I interviewed was shown in the video except for the owner of the bar. I didn’t edit the responses or questions to make the people look stupid; I edited them to help the video flow based off the questions they were asked. Only three of those people (girl, Steelers t-shirt and guy under the TV) had been to more than two games. Only one person actually was from Pittsburgh (girl).

Luckily for “Steelers Nation”, I didn’t post more of the questions for time purposes. No one else had a correct answer and I actually spared you from more embarrassment.

GOOBVISION: Undercover to Expose Bandwagon Steelers Fans

October 31, 2011

We kick off Steelers Week here at the Nest with this very special piece of investigative journalism from Goob. During the Ravens’ bye week, Goob went undercover to a Steelers bar down in Raleigh to talk to some towel wavers. He asked them some “tough” questions to try to expose them for the fairweather bandwagon riders they are, and the results were…well, see for yourself:

In honesty, all of these people seem very nice, and we wish them happy healthy lives. Of course, things would have probably went over a lot differently were Goob to have worn his signature Beak Hat and purple jersey. So let’s just hope those long aforementioned happy healthy lives involve LOTS of watching their beloved group of yellow-and-black-wearing criminals losing football games, specifically to the purple and black, and especially this coming Sunday night.

GOOBVISION: Cardinals @ Ravens Preview

October 27, 2011

Last week, Goob didn’t do a Jaguars pregame video – and we all know how that turned out. So just to make sure the Ravens don’t lay another turd on Sunday, here’s some Cards/Ravens GOOBVISION!

GOOBVISION: Goob's Instant Reaction From Ravens/Jags Debacle

October 25, 2011

Goob’s got a few things to get off his chest after the Ravens completely embarrassed themselves on Monday Night Football in Jacksonville…

GOOBVISION from Ravens-Texans Tailgate

October 18, 2011

For the first time since Ravens-Saints last December, Goob and I took to the tailgate lots at M&T Bank Stadium to take in the atmosphere among our fellow purple faithful. Along the way we ran into some old friends, made some new ones, and had a little adventure with a contraption known only as “bongzilla.” Once again, we were reminded that nothing beats partying with Ravens fans. Come along with us as we take in the sights and sounds from Ravens/Texans.

GOOBVISION: Texans @ Ravens

October 13, 2011

In this week’s GOOBVISION, it’s a reunion of sorts. Some of your favorite GOOB-lebrities from GOOBVISIONS past make their returns, including Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick, Tony Sparano, and good ol’ Cletus Kelly. It will take a great meeting of the minds such as this to have any prayer of figuring out what in the Sam hell a “Houston Texan” is.

GOOBVISION: Jets at Ravens

September 28, 2011

In this week’s GOOBVISION, Goob takes a look into his crystal ball to get a glipmse of the future of Rex Ryan, finds Rex on the trail of some not-so-sexy toes, and wonders why Mark Sanchez likes to date members of the prom committee.

Want to be the Next GOOB? (The Next DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan, that is?)

September 27, 2011

Last season, Goob won the DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan contest. His win produced what was easily one of the best weekends of either of our lives . We got to go to the Super Bowl in Dallas, where we hung out on Media Row with Ray Rice, Goob played in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl (and caught a touchdown pass and did the Ray Lewis dance), and then we got to watch the Steelers lose the Super Bowl in person. It was absolutely incredible.


You should be.

But you should also do something about it, if you too are “displaced” like Goob was.

DirecTV is once again having their annual Ultimate Displaced Fan contest, and if you’re a Ravens fan living more than 4 or so hours away from Baltimore, you’re eligible to have the weekend of your life just like Goob and I did last February.

Wanna see what Goob got to do?

DIRECTV Ultimate Displaced Fan 2011 Prize Sizzle from Genuine Interactive on Vimeo.

That can all be you, if you’re the 2011 DirecTV Ultimate Displaced fan. Need some pointers on how to give yourself the best chance to win? Listen to Goob, and you’ll be well on your way…

How to Enter DIRECTV’s Ultimate Displaced Fan Contest 2011 from Genuine Interactive on Vimeo.

So, go enter now. DirecTV assures us that, if your entry is good enough, they will have no problem crowning a Ravens fan champion for the second straight year. Let’s show the entire country that Ravens fans show their purple pride better than any other fans, regardless of how far from home they may be.

Good luck!

GOOBVISION: Ravens @ Rams

September 21, 2011

This week, with the Ravens traveling to St. Louis, Goob takes a look at some adjustments that need to be “rammed” into the Ravens’ heads, playbooks, and…other places.