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Scouting the Celebrity Beach Bowl – Part 1

January 31, 2011

Sure, we’re just six days away from Super Bowl XLV, but seeing as how “the team that shall not be named” is participating, we have much bigger priorities around here this week. First off, on Satuday our own Goob Theoharris is taking part in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl. He’ll need to be in top form as he faces up against former NFL greats and other various celebrities. We’re going to take this opportunity to scout the game, and hopefully give Goob a leg up on his competition.

Now, Goob doesn’t yet know which team he’ll be a part of, or who his teammates will be, so we’ll just have to go through the lineups one by one and discuss how each could benefit/hinder Goob’s performance.


Warren Moon – Moon, a 2006 Pro Bowl inductee, went to 9 Pro Bowls in his NFL career, in addition to winning the Grey Cup (CFL’s version of the Super Bowl) five times. He threw for nearly 50,000 yards and 350 touchdowns during his time with the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs. One of the teams will be led by Moon. Hopefully Goob’s. Because the other team will have…

Jesse Palmer – Palmer is best known for being “The Bachelor.” He threw three touchdowns and four interceptions as a member of the New York Giants after being drafted in the fourth round from the University of Florida in 2001. If Moon doesn’t want Goob on his team, Palmer will be forced to give our boy a rose. Hopefully if he picks Goob, their relationship will turn out better than the one where he picked Jessica Bowlin. ZING!


Eli Manning – One of the coaches will be Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning. I’d expect Eli will be too busy eating Oreo cookies and wondering where his mommy is to do a whole lot of actual coaching. Should Goob find himself on Elisha’s team, drawing his own plays in the dirt seems like the way to go.  And, knowing Goob, he’ll do at least one thing to elicit this response from his coach:

Colt McCoy – The other coach is Browns’ QB Colt McCoy. In this case, Goob will have to avoid the urge to make fun of Colt for throwing two interceptions to Ed Reed and just being generally awful back in Week 16 when the Ravens visited Cleveland. On top of that – it’s Colt McCoy. Given the choice between a relatively unaccomplished rookie who performed decently at times or a former Super Bowl winner – even if it is the aforementioned Elisha – we have to hope that Goob gets placed on Manning’s team.


Former NFL Players

Merril Hoge – Hooooo boy. We’ve often remarked here at the Nest just how much we think of the unabashed Steeler-loving/Raven-hating Hoge. Here’s hoping Goob gets lined up on the opposite side of Hoge, and gets in a cheap shot as the former fullback looks the other way. Then he can just say he learned it from watching Hoge’s girlfriend, Hines Ward. Though, if Hoge’s “uniform” from last year’s bowl is any indication, he’s more likely the girl in the relationship.

Daryl Johnston – What is this, the Celebrity Beach Former Fullback Bowl? “Moose” will likely be on the opposite team of Hoge.  Johnston went to two Pro Bowls during his career, while most Steeler fans don’t even remember Hoge playing for them.  Moose is the one we want on our team.

Eddie George – Another player that Goob will be able to taunt for being a Ravens’ whipping boy. “Don’t drop this one like you did that pass in the 2000 AFC Divisional Game, Eddie!” should be a nice little bit of smack talk to get in the former Ohio State Buckeye and Tennessee Titan’s head. Of course, Eddie and the Titans smashed the Ravens’ dreams in 2003, winning a playoff game of their own at M&T Bank Stadium. Still, in general, the Ravens have always owned the Titans when it matters. If all else fails, Goob can ask the alien-looking George when his spaceship is coming back to take him home.

Barry Sanders – I have a Barry Sanders replica jersey that I won in a bar contest back when I was like 14 (being the only sober one playing definitely helped), so I know what I’ll be wearing to watch the game. Sanders’ slick moves will probably be less effective in sand than they were on artificial turf back in his playing days, but I, for one, am still very much looking forward to Barry juking the hell out of Goob and leaving him in the dust/sand. I promise to get it on camera for your viewing and mocking pleasure.

Darren Woodson – Woodson was on the Cowboys team that handed Pittsburgh their only (to date) Super Bowl loss, back in Super Bowl XXX, so the first thing Goob needs to do is thank him for that. In addition, they can make fun of the Buffalo Bills together, both having a bit of a history with that franchise. Woodson was also on the Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII teams that both defeated Buffalo, while Goob has his own interesting relationship with the fine people of Buffalo. Otherwise, Goob will be wise to avoid Woodson, one of the hardest hitting players to suit up back in the 90s.

Tomorrow: Part 2 – Celebrities (i.e. Marisa Miller, Brie Larson, Hunter Parrish, Jerry Ferrara, more)


Goob on WBAL Radio

January 22, 2011

Yesterday evening, Goob was on WBAL 1090 in Baltimore with Shari Elliker, for the first of what will be MANY radio spots discussing his DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan victory. Listen in with the link below:

Goob on WBAL


January 20, 2011

Last month, we posted Goob’s entry into DirecTV’s “Ultimate Displaced Fan” Contest, and begged for your votes. Well, apparently you guys came through, because out of the more than 3000 entries into the contest, Goob’s was chosen from among the finalists as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

That’s right, our very own Goob Theoharris is DirecTV’s 2010 Ultimate Displaced Fan. As part of his Grand Prize, Goob wins a trip to the Super Bowl in Dallas! As his videographer skills were honed right here at B’More Birds’ Nest (and some of his past Nest videos were a big part of his winning entry), Goob is being kind enough to take me along as his guest.

So, next month will be “NestMinder and Goob Do Dallas” time here at the Nest.

Also as part of his win, Goob gets to hang out with his favorite Raven for a full media tour, and play in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Flag Football Game, where he will be catching passes from the likes of Joe Montana or Steve Young, and hopefully matching up in (wo)man coverage with Marisa Miller.

Here is a video of last year’s winner for an idea of what Goob has in store (minus Whines Hard, of course):

Congratulations, Goob. This whole thing is absolutely insane, and is still sinking in for the both of us.

We’ll be at the Super Bowl. Unfortunately – although we had seen this contest win as a GREAT sign for them when we first found out last week – the Ravens will not be joining us.  In an even crueler twist of fate, should Rex Ryan’s Jets not be able to pull off a huge upset on Sunday night, we’ll have to go watch the mf’ing Pittsburgh Steelers play in the Super Bowl.

It’s like the universe is playing a terrible, terrible joke on us.  It’s as if we made a deal with the devil – but instead of getting our souls, we have to watch the Steelers play in the big game.  Can’t wait to be surrounded by Steelers’ “fans” that grew up in Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas.

At least we’ll get to cheer against them, I guess?


Here is the full press release, lest you think we are joking:,1622732.html

Vote for Goob in DirecTV's "Ultimate Displaced Fan" Contest!

December 20, 2010

Our resident displaced Ravens fan, Goob Theoharris, has entered to win DirecTV’s “Ultimate Displaced Fan” Contest.  This contest is for fans whose team plays somewhere other than where they live.  Goob needs our help to win, so make sure you go and VOTE FOR HIM now.

Otherwise you just know some dipshit Steelers fan in Wyoming that has never been east of Kansas City will win.  Goob is authentically “displaced” having been born in B’More and lived there for the first 23 years of his life.

It’s a video contest, which is obviously perfect for Goob, who has had you Ravens fans in stitches (and Buffalo fans up in arms) all season long.

Here’s his entry:

Grand Prize is 2 tickets to this year’s Super Bowl.  Last night’s near hiccup aside, lately the Patriots look pretty damn invincible, but if the Ravens can continue to establish their offensive identity here over the next month, maybe…just maybe…we’ll have the chance to watch purple in Dallas.

Watch, and GO VOTE!

(Note: Ugh, the “Vote” button still isn’t up yet at the DirecTV website.  We’ll let you know as soon as it is, but for now, keep Goob and this post in mind. Thanks!)

Ravens-Panthers Ticket Winner!

August 5, 2010

Without further adieu, here is the video of me picking the winner of this year’s Ravens ticket giveaway. Congratulations to “@FlavaDave10” from twitter!

Sorry for the quality of the video, but I had to do it all in one take to make it legit.

Everyone who didn’t win, feel free to hate on my shaky hands and mouthbreating.

Contest: Two Tix for Preseason Game #1 Up for Grabs

July 30, 2010

It’s that time of year again – time for the Nest to send two lucky Ravens fans to M&T Bank Stadium to watch the Ravens play FOR FREE! This year’s prize is 2 tickets to the Ravens vs. Carolina Panthers preseason game on Thursday, August 12.

This will be the third year we’ve done this. See our previous contest winners here.

Two years ago, it was a photo contest. Last year, a raffle. This year, we’re making it even easier. Simply post a comment to this blog post (make sure you include your REAL email address) OR follow and DM us on Twitter (@bmorebirdsnest) and you will be entered. We’ll randomly select a winner next week for the Ravens/Panthers game.

Again – Comment below OR follow us on twitter and send a direct message to be entered.

Good Luck!

Vote for the Nest in the Sun's Mobbie Awards!

September 28, 2009


B’More Birds” Nest has been nominated as one of the top blogs in Maryland! The Baltimore Sun’s Most Outstanding Blogs (or “Mobbies”) contest began today. You can vote once per day.

The Nest is up for a Mobbie in 3 categories (the maximum allowed in the contest): Sports, Ravens, and Orioles.

So, head on over to the Mobbie Page and vote early and often for us!

Vote in Sports, and vote in Ravens, at least. I’m not gonna lie and say I think we should get the award for Best Orioles Blog…unless you want to give it to us as a way of thanking us for not bothering you with posts about how awful they are all summer!

While you’re there, take time to check out some of the other awesome blogs that your fellow Marylanders have put together in categories such as humor, food, politics, and entertainment.

Now please, Go VOTE!

Ravens vs. Redskins Preseason Game Raffle

August 10, 2009

Last night, Nick-A-What?!, myself, and our lovely assistant convened at Ruby Tuesday to hold the raffle for the Ravens vs. Redskins preseason game, to be played this Thursday at M&T Bank Stadium.

And now, without further adieu, the results (cue drumroll):

A Big Thank You goes out to all of those who contributed to the success of this raffle.  You have inspired us to try it out again with a regular season game!  More details will follow.

And of course a Special Congratulations to Jeff, Linda (Linder), and/or Jessica Lecronier for winning the Tickets!!