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TaylorMade Ravens Hat Giveaway

March 9, 2012

Although we’ve been spoiled by a very mild winter in Baltimore, perfect golfing weather is right around the corner.

TaylorMade has hooked us up with two extremely “cool” golf hats to give away to Ravens fans.

Through TaylorMade Golf’s unique NFL partnership, they are the only golf manufacturer to offer all 32 NFL team hats and visors, so fans can show their team spirit on and off the course.

Features of TaylorMade Golf’s NFL Hats and Visors:
-Provides UV protection up to 50 UPF
-Has a dark under bill to reduce glare
-Has a moisture wicking sweatband

Since it’s Follow Friday (#FF) on Twitter all you have to do is Tweet the following message to your followers and you’ll be automatically entered to win. We will announce winners on Saturday.

Message: #FF @Ravens_247 for the best unofficial Ravens coverage… period!

If you don’t have Twitter, don’t complain… sign up! Twitter is a great way to stay informed of Ravens news and you should definitely have an account.

Good luck to everyone and hopefully you’ll be golfing in this sweet Ravens hat, if you stink at golf, you’ll at least look more fashionable while drinking a few beers in the cart.

To purchase a hat, go to


GOOBVISION Smart Phone Giveaway!

December 16, 2011

Tis’ the season for giving, but let’s not kid ourselves…we all like receiving better.

The growing popularity of Goob’s on-camera antics through Facebook and Twitter is all thanks to your promotion, Ravens fans. Now that we’ve been blessed with a larger platform, it makes us more attractive for big companies to provide us awesome stuff to give away, and now it’s our turn to say Thank You!

This holiday Festivus season, we will be giving away TWO Smartphones as a token of our appreciation, courtesy of Qualcomm and their operating system, ”Snapdragon!”

Starting with the Ravens/Chargers matchup Dec. 18 and running through both the “Bridgepoint Education Holiday” and “San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia” college bowl games, Qualcomm Stadium will be temporarily known as “Snapdragon Stadium.”

So you may be wondering, “what the heck is a Snapdragon?” Snapdragon processors by Qualcomm are all-in-one mobile processors, also known as the “heart” of your mobile device.

Over 300 smart phones and tablets are already using Snapdragon, including many HTC and Samsung products. Snapdragon is so advanced it provides customers with the option for gaming and 3D multimedia on their mobile devices.

So how can you win one of these great Snapdragon products? You do what many Ravens fans have already done…. PROMOTE GOOBVISION!


1.)  “Like” Snapdragon on Facebook or follow @Snapdragon on Twitter

2.)  Follow Goob on Twitter @RavenManiac

How To Enter:

1.)  Post or “Share” the most current GOOBVISION video to your Facebook wall and send a screen-shot as proof to @RavenManiac (1 entry)


2.)  Post or “Share” any other (anti-Steelers, Ball So Hard, etc.) GOOBVISION video to your Facebook wall and send a screen-shot as proof to @RavenManiac (1 Bonus Entry)

Link(s): ,

3.)  Post or “Share” the upcoming GOOBVISION video which will be released no later than Dec. 21 to your Facebook wall and send a screen-shot as proof to @RavenManiac (1 Final Entry)

 Contest Rules & Other Info:


-One (1) AT&T Samsung Focus S smart phone ($200 value)

-One (1) Sprint HTC EVO 3D ($200 value)

** Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash in exchange or substituted **


– Contest ends on December 27th, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Drawing to take place on December 28th, 2011 no later than 8:00pm EST.


– Each entry will be printed out and placed into Goob’s beak hat for a randomized drawing to be videotaped in order to avoid any shenanigans. Winners will be notified via Twitter and have 24 hours to claim their prize or another drawing will take place.  First person drawn will be the #1 seed and have choice of phone.

Contest open to United States citizens only, we will not be shipping these phones around the world.

Nest Wins Best Ravens Blog in Baltimore. Thank You!

November 16, 2011

Thank you all so much for taking the time to vote for B’More Birds’ Nest in the 2011 Baltimore Sun “Mobbie” (Most Outstanding Blogs) awards. This was our third time being nominated, but this time we finally brought home the prize!

We won’t take the title of “Best Ravens Blog” lightly. We promise to continue to bring you a great mixture of hard-hitting analysis, goofy/hilarious GOOBVISION videos, hating (mostly on Cam Cameron and the Steelers), and more of the great content you’ve come to expect here at the Nest.

Again, thank you all so much for voting for us. We’re honored and humbled.

Goob was unable to make the trip from N.C., but he was there in spirit with Nick-A-What?! and I.

NestMinder celebrating the win with Best Sports Blog winner Phil Gentile of I Hate J.J. Redick.

Want to be the Next GOOB? (The Next DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan, that is?)

September 27, 2011

Last season, Goob won the DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan contest. His win produced what was easily one of the best weekends of either of our lives . We got to go to the Super Bowl in Dallas, where we hung out on Media Row with Ray Rice, Goob played in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl (and caught a touchdown pass and did the Ray Lewis dance), and then we got to watch the Steelers lose the Super Bowl in person. It was absolutely incredible.


You should be.

But you should also do something about it, if you too are “displaced” like Goob was.

DirecTV is once again having their annual Ultimate Displaced Fan contest, and if you’re a Ravens fan living more than 4 or so hours away from Baltimore, you’re eligible to have the weekend of your life just like Goob and I did last February.

Wanna see what Goob got to do?

DIRECTV Ultimate Displaced Fan 2011 Prize Sizzle from Genuine Interactive on Vimeo.

That can all be you, if you’re the 2011 DirecTV Ultimate Displaced fan. Need some pointers on how to give yourself the best chance to win? Listen to Goob, and you’ll be well on your way…

How to Enter DIRECTV’s Ultimate Displaced Fan Contest 2011 from Genuine Interactive on Vimeo.

So, go enter now. DirecTV assures us that, if your entry is good enough, they will have no problem crowning a Ravens fan champion for the second straight year. Let’s show the entire country that Ravens fans show their purple pride better than any other fans, regardless of how far from home they may be.

Good luck!

"I Beat the Odds" by Michael Oher Book Review and Giveaway

February 14, 2011

I was fortunate enough to score a review copy of Ravens tackle Michael Oher’s new book I Beat the Odds: From Homelessness to The Blind Side and Beyond.  In the book, which Mike wrote with Don Yaeger (Sports Illustrated, Running for My Life, Pros and Cons, Never Die Easy, more), Oher attempts to fill in some of the gaps of his life story, gaps that were left out from The Blind Side book and movie, as well as to offer up hope and advice for kids who may find themselves in situations similar to the one Oher found himself in as a young boy.

The first thing that struck me about the book was the cover – that’s a Super Bowl XXXV football in Oher’s hand.

Mike obviously wasn’t with the Ravens back in 2000 when they won their only Lombardi Trophy to date, but I thought this was a nice gesture to Ravens fans on his part.  “I know the history of this team, and I’ll help us get back there,” is the implied message, to my mind at least.  I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I broke that rule and already found myself with a favorable impression of I Beat the Odds before I even cracked it open.

“Helping kids see a better way of thinking and living when they are young is so much easier than trying to re-teach them a whole new way of life when they are adults and end up making the same mistakes their parents made…There are a huge number of kids in America who feel helpless and need stable homes right now. You can take action by choosing to help just one child. The ripple effect of that action can end up touching many lives and even generations.” – I Beat the Odds, pp. 69-70

Once I started reading, I realized that the cover – while nice – was far from the only redeeming quality of this book.  Oher, through the help of social workers who actually worked on his family’s case years ago, attempts to piece his life together for the reader, digging up many memories that he had long repressed.  We learn about Oher’s life before he was fortunate enough to meet the Tuohy family (which wasn’t until high school), when it was a constant struggle for he and his many siblings.  With a mother that was on and off drugs (though on more than off) and who, while loving, often put her addictions ahead of her family on her priorities list, Oher’s young life was the kind that many of us luckier individuals try to convince ourselves doesn’t exist in America.  From hanging around neighbors’ houses waiting for an invite to dinner or to sleep over – oftentimes the only way food or a bed was going to happen – to being taken in by “the system” and being separated from his mother and siblings as they were placed in separate Foster homes, there was a lot more strife and stress to Oher’s life than just what we saw in The Blind Side.

Michael does a wonderful job putting the reader in his shoes, articulating the feelings of anger and confusion that go through a young person when they are taken from their family, despite outside impressions that what is being done is “for their own good.”  I would always wonder why a kid would be reluctant to leave a situation where they didn’t even know where their next meal was coming from, for a “better” home, even if that home didn’t include their neglectful parents.  Through Michael’s words, I now better understand the mindset of a young child being bounced around in the system.

Oher has stated that his biggest problem with the way The Blind Side film portrayed him was the scenes where he was being taught (either by S.J. or Leigh Anne Tuohy) how to play football.  In I Beat the Odds, Mike makes it abundantly clear for the reader that his athletic prowess was with him from a young age, and that he always saw sports as his best chance to make it out of the ghetto.  Oher was a star on the neighborhood basketball courts and run-down football “fields” long before he ever stepped inside Briarcrest Academy.

If you liked The Blind Side, you’ll definitely enjoy this book, which is in many ways a prequel to the Michael Lewis book and subsequent film.  However, in addition to just recommending this book to football fans and those who enjoyed Oher’s story, I would also highly recommend it to those who encounter at-risk children or teens in either their personal or professional lives.  While Oher seems to enjoy getting out his own story in his words, it is clear that his real purpose for writing this book – and his true intended audience – is the kids.  Kids like he was, who are confused and angry and hurt by a world that seems to not care for them.  Social workers, teachers, “big brothers” or “big sisters,” mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, or anyone else with young kids in their lives: this book is for you, and for those kids.  Many times in the book, Oher is very clearly speaking directly to kids who may be in situations like the one he was in, offering empathy, advice, and words of encouragement from his own experience.  Even if the child in your life is “better off” than Foster kids or kids in urban neighborhoods, there is something in here for them.  It is written with children in mind (that is, at about a middle school reading level), so this book would, without a doubt, make a great gift for any young person.

If this sounds like something you or a child in your life would like or benefit from, go out and pick up a copy of I Beat the Odds today.

Or, if you want to win a FREE copy, just go ahead and leave a comment below.  Every comment will be automatically entered to win my copy of I Beat the Odds (be sure to leave your real e-mail address, so I can contact you if you win!)

Update: “Melissa,” a 5th grade teacher in Baltimore, was our winner. I think this book will be great for those kids. Congrats, and thanks to all who entered.  If you didn’t win, go out and get a copy of “I Beat the Odds” anyway!

Good Day for the Nest

February 7, 2011

Did we have a good day Sunday?  You tell me…

More on the way…

Goob and Ray Rice on Pro Football Talk

February 6, 2011

On Friday, Goob and Ray Rice sat down with Mike Florio of for one of their many interviews.

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

B'More Birds' Nest Live from the Super Bowl

February 5, 2011

Here’s a little teaser video from yesterday’s Radio Row action. We’ll be back later with the full product, but for now, whet your B’More sports whistles with this:

For now, we’re off to the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl!

Scouting the Celebrity Beach Bowl – Part 2

February 1, 2011

Yesterday, we looked at Goob’s competition in Saturday’s DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl as far as former NFL players go. Today, we’ll look at some potential opponents he is likely to have much more success against. These coddled celebrities are usually the artsy-fartsy type, and have the athletic ability of a high school band geek (as most of them probably were). Sure, some of these dudes may be all ripped up and have abs on top of abs – but for the most part they’re going to be all “show” and no “go.” Goob, a former soccer and lacrosse player, could find himself significantly outplaying some of these celebs; alternatively, they could drop a ball at the worst time and cost his team the game.

Let’s look at the pretty people:

Chace Crawford – Crawford is from Lubbock, Texas, so he may actually have some football skill.  From the above picture though, I’m gonna go ahead and say that he throws like a girl. A GOSSIP GIRL! Ba-zing!  Crawford used to date country singer Carrie Underwood, who Goob had a little school girl crush on for years.  Is “HEY, I BEAT IT TO YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND” an effective taunt?  Only time will tell.

Kellan Lutz – Speaking of abs.  Apparently this guy is one of the werewolves vampires from that Twilight crap.  According to his Wiki, “in Lutz’s free time, he likes to take part in extreme skateboarding, weight training, track, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, racquetball, badminton, snow skiing, snowboarding, dance..” If true, Lutz would probably be a good teammate to have.  If he’s on the other side, Goob may want to – in addition to avoiding standing next to him in general – look to cover somebody else.  Somebody like…

Hayden Panetierre – Hayden is probably best known for her role on Heroes as the Cheerleader Who Catches on Fire or something like that, but in my mind she’ll always be the curly haired little coach’s daughter from Remember the Titans.  If she remembers anything from that role, she’d probably be as good of a coach as damn Eli Manning or Colt McCoy will be.  I think Hayden is like 4’6″, so she probably matches up best with Barry Sanders.

Joe Manganiello – Oh look, more abs!  Here’s something fun for Goob: “Manganiello was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and raised in Mt. Lebanon, a suburb south of the city.” Guess who’s a Steeeeelers faaaaan?  At least he comes by it honestly, but Goob should definitely plan on taunting the hell out of this mountain of man-meat for being a towel-waving douche canoe.  And then on running away as fast as possible.

Ya know, on second thought, it might be safer to just direct all ire toward that skidmark Merril Hoge.  Manganiello is one huge dude.

Jerry Ferrara – Hey, finally someone that more closely resembles Goob as far as physiques go – “Turtle” from Entourage. Also like Goob, Ferrara bats way out of his league when it comes to women, dating gorgeous ladies such as Jamie Lynn Sigler of The Sopranos. Chances Ferrara plays the game without a New York Yankees hat on (backwards)? Roughly 3%. Maybe Goob should rock this old classic to mess with Turtle:

(Yankees Suck)

Kevin Dillon – Another Entourager, this time “Johnny Drama.”  The less successful younger brother of Matt Dillon, Kevin has made his name as the dim-witted meathead Drama.  Other than “everyone on entourage should be punched in the face,” I have nothing to say about Kevin Dillon.

Marisa Miller – Great googily moogily Marisa Miller.  I’ve been on the MM bandwagon since way back in 2002, when she first appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  As a result, I feel more than qualified to speak to her many talents.  However, were I to actually speak my mind on what may be the perfect physical specimen of the female human, they probably wouldn’t let me anywhere near the Celebrity Beach Bowl this Saturday.  So let’s just look at Marisa some more shall we?  Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand restraining orders words.

Chord Overstreet – Who?  So wait a minute…this dude is on Glee…where he sings.  And his name is “Chord?”  You’ve gotta be kidding me.

“Chord has stated his unusual name is because ‘my dad is in the music business as a songwriter. I was the third one in my family born, and there are three notes in a chord, so that’s how they came up with my name.”

Oh holy hell that’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.  Let’s see – Goob was the first one born in his family, and according to Sammy Hagar, there is one way to rock, so…Goob, your new name is “Rock.”  Or maybe, since we’re playing football and teams only keep one punter on the roster…”Punt.”  This is so asinine it doesn’t even lend itself readily to easy mocking.  Just make fun of his lips, Goob.

Matt Bomer – This guy has been in some soap operas (Guiding Light), some TV shows (Chuck, White Collar) and three movies (Flight Plan, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Now), but I wouldn’t recognize him if I saw him at the grocery store, that’s for damn sure.  His father was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1971, but never played a game for them.  According to his wiki, Bomer plays football, baseball, and tennis, though, so he could be a nice sleeper pick for Goob’s team.

Although originally from Texas, Bomer graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, so he’s probably also a damn Steelers fan (“I hate the Cowboys cuz they didn’t let my dad play, so I was a Steelers fan growing up, honest! WAHHHHHHHH!”)

Hunter Parrish – “Silas” from Weeds.  But it seems to me there is a distinct lack of abs there, Mr. Parrish.  Better step up your game.  My only beef with Parrish is that he got to make out with Baltimore girl Julie Bowen on screen – bastard.  Like Crawford, he hails from Texas so he might have some football skills.  Unlike Crawford – and despite being on the show Weeds – he’s never been busted for Marijuana possession.

Nicole Scherzinger – Lead singer of “The Pussycat Dolls.” Another one I wouldn’t recognize walking down the street.  Apparently she’s an attractive lady though, a regular on Maxim Magazine’s “Hot 100” list.  I’m old and out-of-touch.

Michael B. Jordan – Wallace from The Wire! Sure, he’s been in some things since then, but Jordan will always be best known to Baltimore folk as poor Wallace, who was murdered in a crying sniveling mess by his supposed “friends” Bodie and Poot in season 1 of the best show of all time.  I named my dog after a dude that shot you on TV, Michael B. Jordan!  Kinda creepy.  Anyway, Goob needs to let the Wire references flow freely whenever Jordan is in earshot.

Jordan lines up to cover Goob – “You gonna cover me? SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT.”

*Goob runs by and farts on Jordan* – “Damn son, I think ‘Poot’ shot you again!”

*Goob gives Jordan a cheap shot* – “All in the game, yo.”

And so on.

Dominic Fumusa – Who the hell are these people?  This guy is apparently on the Showtime series Nurse Jackie.  He’s been on some other shows, but never for more than 1-2 episodes.  We’re scraping the bottom of the “celebrity” barrel here, DirecTV.  How about we drop this guy and let ME play?

Brie Larson – Larson looked quite young in all the Google image results, so I was relieved to find out that she is 21.  She’s in United States of Tara and was in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  She is also a musician.  I’m guessing Larson will be on whichever team Panetierre isn’t, so Goob will likely be grabbing at one of the two trying to rip their flag off at some point.  Don’t worry Goob – they’re both of age.

“And many more” – Rumor had it that “The Rock” (That’s the real “Rock,” Duane Johnson, not Goob’s new Chord Overstreet-style persona) was set to play in the game, but his name isn’t on the press release.  Hopefully he shows up – Goob has a bit of his own medicine planned for him with the B’More Birds’ Nest microphone….

If you have DirecTV, be sure to tune in to Channel 101 Saturday at 1:30.  The game will also be on 3D on DirecTV’s n3D powered by Panasonic. Additionally, the game will be broadcast on all of Fox Sports Network’s Regional Sports Networks and affiliates and DIRECTV’s Regional Sports Networks, so check your local listings, and be sure to watch for Goob hobnobbing with all of these celebrities and more.

Goob on WNST with Thyrl Nelson

January 31, 2011

Today, Goob joined Thyrl Nelson for a great interview about his winning the 2010 Ultimate Displaced Fan contest from DirecTV.  Thryl really gave Goob (and by extention, The Nest) some great air time, so please take the time to listen to both segments below (total about 13 minutes).

Goob with Thyrl Nelson, Part 1

Goob with Thyrl Nelson, Part 2