An incredible season comes to an end

This past week has been like pretty much every other MLB postseason in memory in a very noticeable way – we were reduced to cheering for the Evil Empire to be taken down.

Well, now that the New York Yankees have been summarily swept out of the postseason like the trash they are, we O’s fans can sit back and reflect on the Birds’ 2012 efforts. Efforts that, of course, culminated in a September and October that were unlike ANY in recent memory here in Birdland.

I spent the last several days on a road trip through the south (North Carolina and Tennessee) – a trip that I had planned many months ago, while the idea of ALCS games being played in Oriole Park at Camden Yards on these dates wasn’t anything that registered even the slightest hint of realistic possibility.

While the O’s Game 5 loss to New York last Friday night saved me having to cut my vacation short, it was also a bitter aftertaste on what had been an incredible, exhilarating season.

A season ending in postseason disappointment often takes several days for fans to recover from. It was a similar, but not exact, feeling to one we’ve experienced several times here in Baltimore recently thanks to the other team in town.

While our disappointment in the Ravens’ postseason failures lately has been excruciating due to the fact that we know they have absolutely been good enough to hoist another Lombardi Trophy, you’d have to still be quite drunk on the Orange Kool-Aid to think that the Birds would have fared any better against the Detroit Tigers than the Yankees did. Throw in that the St. Louis Cardinals again look like a team of destiny, and the O’s – all their magic aside – were the least likely of 2012 World Series Champions.

Still, looking back on the 2012 season will forever bring a huge goofy grin to the faces of Orioles fans.

During my travels through the south, I donned my cartoon bird hat with pride. People noticed, too.

The cartoon bird is a conversation starter now. From the barkeeper in Asheville who greeted me with a hearty “Go O’s!” to the cowboy boot shop clerk who shook my hand and said “it’s nice to have your baseball team back, isn’t it?” to the gentleman in the cigar bar who told me he played against Brian Roberts in college (“the best basestealer I’ve ever seen”), it was a blast to be talking O’s with strangers in October, and reflecting on positive events as opposed to lamenting another year added to the losing streak.

Every time I feel myself needing a pick-me-up this winter, I’ll go back and watch the O’s Wild Card game champagne celebration again.

I’ll be perusing the Orioles video page on on a regular basis.

And the September 6 game against New York will probably never be erased from my DVR.

It was an amazing, wonderful, joyous, and unexpected season in Birdland. I’m sad that it’s over, but like I said earlier – memories of it will forever bring a smile to my face.

Thanks for reading here at B’More Birds Nest this spring, summer, and fall. We’ll have some changes to announce moving forward, but for now I’ll just say that we’re assembling a crack team of writers with the goal of being the best Orioles blog out there.

Things are only going to get better – for our Birds and for our blog.

We hope you’ll stick with us through the winter. The Hot Stove will be heating up soon, and spring training really is right around the corner.

And if you want to grin like an idiot for the next five minutes, just click play.


One Response to “An incredible season comes to an end”

  1. Winston Says:

    Nice write-up, but would have to respectfully disagree with insinuation O’s would have no chance against the Tigers. I think our youth (Yankees were just plain old) and our frenzied fanbase (face it, the entitled Yankees fans sat on their hands for much of the ALDS and didn’t even show for the ALCS) would’ve combined to make it a series. I’m not saying we’d beat them, but we definitely don’t lay down like the Yanks did. We lose game 1, but after that I see a pretty competitive series, going at least 6 games. Kool-Aid? Perhaps. But I feel pretty strongly O’s give Detroit a battle. Just my 2 cents, albeit late.

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