Orioles have golden opportunity to climb back atop division standings

We have heard countless times from Buck Showalter over the past month that no mater what the current wild card or division standings may look like, his club still has its eyes set on catching New York. Many may laugh that thought off as surely none of us would have written in the Orioles as the division winner for the AL East this year – but given the current standings the O’s are in the perfect position to prove us all wrong.

Three games separate the Orioles and the Yankees.

Three games will be played this weekend in New York between the two clubs.

By Labor Day these two teams could be tied atop the division.

Who saw this coming back in April when every publication had the Orioles losing AT LEAST 90 games?

These Orioles have a method to winning games that still has a lot of fans shaking their heads, but its a method that works. There is no quit with this team – Buck wont let “quit” happen. This is what they have been hungry for all season, this chance that is in front of them is what they have been chasing since first relinquishing the division lead way back in June. Dont feel that this was some lucky run the Orioles have been on all season; yes luck has played its part in things, but the goal has not changed since day one -win the division.

If that is in fact going to happen the Orioles will need their best stuff – injuries or not, this is still the Yankees we are talking about, and regardless of who they trot out there its never a easy outing for Buck’s club and they know that. You can see composure on this team that we have not seen in years. They do not falter or implode and whether they are winning by 10 or losing by 10 the focus and emotions remain constant.

Im excited…everyone should be excited! This is what we have all wanted for a long time – the Orioles are playing a meaningful series against New York late in the season in a battle for the division crown. We are in a pennant race and there is little to show me that this team doesn’t deserve to be in the position they are in. Perhaps its the Orange kool-aid I have been drinking or maybe its the simple belief that no team can just keep losing forever. Whatever it is I have a good feeling about this series. If the Orioles play their best baseball, this team will be back atop the division standings.

And when it happens all will be right in the world of baseball.


One Response to “Orioles have golden opportunity to climb back atop division standings”

  1. stacie foxwell Says:

    Orioles magic and your excitement are contaigeous…I work in a bar and it is awesome to see everyone watching our Orioles and cheering out loud!

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