The Orioles used a Crab Race to choose their fantasy football draft order

Hat tip to Dan Steinberg at DC Sports Bog for this one.

My fantasy football draft party is this Sunday. I’m already dreading going to the store and picking up posterboard to make that damn draft board for the seventh straight year or whatever it is (stop being a cheapskate and just buy one, I know. Too late, unless you know somewhere that I can go out and get one instead of ordering it online). Anyway, your fantasy draft/s is/are probably soon too.

You know who else’s is soon? The Baltimore Orioles’ team league.

And, according to Darren O’Day, the Birds have no use for the typical “pick your name out of a hat” process to choose their draft order. They instead went with that time-honored Maryland tradition, the Crab Race.


Take it away, Dan.

Because, you see, the Orioles held a crab race to determine the order of their fantasy football draft.

I should probably add “apparently” somewhere in this item, because this is all based on an image posted online by Darren O’Day, the Orioles reliever who studied animal biology at Florida and “envisioned fulfilling his life-long dream to become a veterinarian.”

“Thanks to Cravin’ Crabs for providing the athletes for the Orioles fantasy football draft order crab race,” O’Day wrote on Wednesday.

Then he posted the above image, writing that DH Chris Davis “picked the Adrian Peterson of crabs to win first pick. This dude was stiff arming and juking everyone.”

So I feel comfortable saying that the Orioles apparently held a crab race to determine the order of their fantasy football draft, or possibly Darren O’Day was just making a joke.



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