Knock-Knock. Who's there? Not Orioles fans.

The following is a guest post from Mike Randall at The Boh Pen, who was kind enough to let us re-post this very timely piece he wrote over the weekend. 

If there is one thing fans of anything Baltimore hate, it’s when Pittsburgh does something better than us.

It’s worth pointing out that attendance from Friday night’s 7-1 Orioles win was 17,277. It was the Orioles’ 6th win in the last 7 games, improving their record to 61-52. It also featured Manny Machado, the club’s top hitting prospect, going deep not once, but twice, in just his second major league game.

At the same time, the Pittsburgh Pirates played in front of a SELL OUT crowd of 38,702 at PNC Park. They would lose to the lowly San Diego Padres, dropping their record to 63-49. If the playoffs had started Saturday, both the Orioles and Pirates would be in for the first time in well over a decade, closer to two for Pittsburgh.

Just in case some Orioles fans aren’t getting the point, The PITTSBURGH Pirates fans, with a similar history of futility, are doing better at supporting their team.

That’s a fact. It’s been a hot topic the last couple nights on the talk radio shows. All I hear is excuses from Baltimore fans about why they don’t want to, or can’t go to an Orioles game.

I watch the game from home because it’s more enjoyable on TV.
First of all, no it’s not. Second, you’re making up an excuse to cover up another excuse. You can’t smell Boog’s BBQ, or catch a foul ball from your recliner. “Where were you when Manny Machado hit two home runs in only his second game?” “Sitting in my living room, alone. Cause it’s so much fun being alone.”

People are probably just on vacation.
Sure. I guess people in Pittsburgh don’t go on vacation. I seem to remember Labor Day weekend being the big vacation weekend. Not August 10-12. I’ve met quite a few people at the bar this week who we’re in town to watch the Orioles on their vacations. Coming in from Harrisburg, State College, even Blacksburg, Virginia. We’ll see how many people are on vacation when 70,000 Ravens fans show up to Friday’s preseason game that means nothing.

I can’t afford to take my family to a game.
I know there are people out there who are going through some tough times. You absolutely should be keeping a roof over your head, and keeping your kids fed and clothed before taking in a baseball game. But do people realize you can bring food and drinks into the game? They don’t force you to buy a $5 hot dog, or $6 soda, or $8 beer. You can get some cheap $9 tickets, and not spend a single dime once inside. You can’t go out to dinner for that cheap, you can’t go to the movies for that cheap. Name somewhere else a family of four can go have three hours of fun for $40. Then again, 70,000 people don’t seem to mind dropping $100+ to see the Ravens play.

I don’t like our owner so I’m not going to a game to support him.
I didn’t know Peter Angelos plays third base. Listen, if you have a cable bill, your are supporting Peter Angelos. When you go to a game and cheer for the Orioles, you’re not cheering for Peter Angelos. You’re cheering for Nick Markakis, who has been here through the worst of times and finally is playing meaningful baseball games in August. You’re cheering for Adam Jones who decided he loves Baltimore so much that he wants to play here at least through 2018. You cheer for Manny Machado, a rare 20-year old who gets a shot to play in a major league ballpark. That’s who you are showing your support for when you go out to a game.

If they actually make it into the playoffs I’ll go to a playoff game.
Please don’t. Save those tickets for the die hard fans who really do care. It will mean more to us than someone like you could even fathom. Greedy ****.

It’s going to take more than a few months of winning to make up for 14 years of losing.
This isn’t “Let’s Make A Deal.” So, we’ll see you in 2026? Is that what you’re telling us? They are winning! Enjoy the moment. It’s so tough to win in baseball in the division we’re in and with the payroll we have. Take advantage of this.

No one wants to go see the Seattle Mariners or Kansas City Royals.
Correct me if i’m wrong, don’t we go to see, I don’t know, THE HOME TEAM? Isn’t that why we should be going? Most Orioles fans are deterred from going when the Yankees are in town anyway. By the way, the Pirates hosted the 50-64 San Diego Padres. The worst team in baseball, the Houston Astros, also drew more fans than the Orioles did when they hosted the 51-60 Milwaukee Brewers.

The weather didn’t look so promising.
Yes, someone actually said this last night, referring to the 30% chance of rain. Even though when you took a look at the radar, there was nothing coming. So now people are afraid to get a little wet. Or a little hot.

I guess after all of that, the point is that if you really want to go to games, you’ll find a way to go. If you don’t want to, then you won’t. Unfortunately, more people probably have already made up their minds that they just don’t want to go, and that’s a shame for the 25 guys in the dugout every night who are busting their asses to bring Baltimore back out of the basement it’s been locked in for over a decade.

The Orioles ARE a winning team in the most beautiful ballpark in baseball, and they can’t find a way to fill it. We can’t consider ourselves some of the greatest fans if this is the case. It would be nice if more than 17,000 people would go and show some love for Eddie Murray on the day he gets honored with his statue in the left field court. If the game doesn’t sell out for Cal Ripken’s statue unveiling, I will be furious.

I’m not here to beg people to go, I’m not here to sell tickets. I’m just saying that Pittsburgh is supporting their team, and Baltimore is not. Take that and do what you like with it.


11 Responses to “Knock-Knock. Who's there? Not Orioles fans.”

  1. ed Says:

    we live in north new jersey.

    probably go to 3-4 games/year

    usually do one sleep over to cover 2 games (sat nite and sunday day game)

    do a road trip in one day for other games

    i cannot believe how much more full park is compared to recent years but can’t believe how many empty seats there still are

    ushers can be pretty rude, even compared to yankee stadium

  2. Ken Says:

    I went Saturday, and it was my first game ever at Camden Yards. Went specificly to see Eddie…..Was over charged for the tickets, never got to see Eddie in person even though we showed up at 5 o’clock, the people were very rude and the ushers told me at 9:15 that the game was going to be cancled so we left. After a miserable three hour wait the game was started and it NEVER should have been. So I shell out 200 bucks for the privilage of spending 4.50 for a water for my son……and never see a pitch or Eddie Murray……This is why attendance is down. By the way, I am from Philly and a 40 year Oriole fan……

  3. NestMinder Says:

    O’s ushers are the WORST. No arguing that.

  4. Avi M (@AviMillerBSR) Says:

    Funny seeing you all bash the ushers. Other than Pittsburgh, you won’t find better ushers in all of MLB.

  5. ed Says:

    The ushers are brutal . going back 15 years

    They asked me for my ticket and each member of my family at least 12 times during the cousre of the game.

    The place was empty and they kept on pestering us. They WERE our seats but even still the section was empty. They were relentless

    All the games we go to and this is what bugs me the most about Camden yards

  6. Dan Long Says:

    Who cares about the damn ushers. If you get checked for tickets, that’s your fault. I’ve been buying cheap tickets and sitting in expensive seats for over 10 years. 90% of the time, I don’t get checked for tickets. Act like you have a shred of intelligence, and walk in, and go to your seats. They only ticket the people who are wondering around like morons.

    I completely agree with the playoff comment. If you can’t she’ll out the $9 for a regular season ticket, then you can’t afford a playoff ticket. And the real fans don’t want you there anyway. I will burn through my life savings to get a playoff ticket if I have to, because I have stuck through the 14 years of losing. I would rather be at a playoff game with 12,000 FANS, than with 40,000 bandwagoners.

  7. Steve-O Says:

    Ken, I was at the game on Saturday too. It was my 8th game this season. That day was just a train wreck from the start. The weather was awful and instead of just calling the game and setting up a double header for Sunday, they made us all stand around in the rain and did a rush job on the Eddie ceremony. They were trying really hard to get all of the Eddie Murray stuff in and the fans had to suffer through it. Then the game starts, the Orioles don’t show up for 7 innings, and they stopped serving beer 30 minutes after the first pitch. It was probably the worst experience I’ve had at an Orioles game. However, I have had more than my fair share of amazing moments at Camden Yards. There really is no better place to watch a game. When that place is full, and the Birds are winning, it’s an amazing experience. Don’t let Saturday keep you from going back. It really was just a day that went from bad to worse and wasn’t handled well. Just think, it can only get better. GO O’S!

  8. Mike Randall Says:

    Theres not much you can do about the rain Saturday. Overpriced tickets? The orioes have some of the better ticket prices in MLB. The ushers, they’re only doing their job if they are checking your ticket. I’ve never ever had a problem with a rude usher.

  9. Ken Says:

    Randall, The reason that the price was high was because I live in Philly and went thru an online agency. Not knowing the price of seats is my fault, but being robbed is theirs. And the rain….CANCEL the game!!!!!!! I would have stayed over to attend the next day’s game but waiting 3 hours is a joke. I don’t have an issue with the ushers checking tickets, never said that, my issue is that a group of them told me the game was not going to start and to leave before traffic was too bad. Lastly, they really messed up Eddie’s day; I have followed his career from pitch 1 when I was in Buffalo and have everything I have ever seen associated with him. All I wanted was a live picture of him, but NOOOOOOO, couldn’t even get that. Anyway, I will never go back to Baltimore again unless invited and I don’t have to pay or drive.

  10. Adam Says:

    Ushers are the worst? I’ve been to probably over a dozen home games this year and have not had any issues. Yeah, if you buy $10 and try to sit in lower deck behind home plate than they’ll probably check your ticket. However, I buy the cheapest ticket in the park (usually $10) and often move into the outfield lower deck or a better upper deck position w/o any issues.

    Orioles are winning. Get to the games when you can. There’s really no excuses anymore. It’s embarrassing having a stadium half full for a potential playoff team. Would love to see a great HOME turnout this series for the Red Sux.

  11. NestMinder Says:

    My issue with the ushers is how I’ve seen them treat O’s fans as opposed to Yanks/Sox fans. The out-of-towners are treated like royalty while O’s fans are treated like second class citizens. While the policy of not letting anybody sit between the dugouts without a ticket is annoying, it’s also understandable; I get that those guys are just doing their jobs.

    For instance, on Saturday after the game finally started, there were a few guys dressed up in those full body suits (like Green Man on Always Sunny). They were O’s fans and looked like they were just trying to have some fun and get their picture by the field. For some reason this usher kept harassing them and making them move. They weren’t hurting anything.

    I’ve also seen them make O’s fans remove shirts that say anything derogatory about the opposing team (again, probably orders from upon high), while letting obnoxious Yankees fans basically have carte blanche to make every O’s fan in the area absolutely miserable.

    I suppose most of these things aren’t the fault of the ushers, per se; they are instead the fault of the O’s PR dept (or whoever controls the ushers), who don’t do much right ever.

    The other thing is the walk-up fee. I don’t care if other parks do it – if everybody was jumping off a bridge….

    If you decide to go to a game after you leave work, you shouldn’t be charged an extra few dollars for your spontaneity. I know a lot of people who are completely turned off by that.

    All that said, I’ve been to 8-10 games this year too, and will certainly be at more.

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