Welcome to the Show Mr Machado

The moment we have all been waiting for since Manny Machado was drafted finally happened last night.

Let me start out by saying that it felt both amazing and surreal as I stood and cheered for Manny Machado as he was introduced to the crowd at Camden Yards – amazing because of how excited everyone was for Manny to get his shot with the big club and surreal because I’m 20 years old myself and to see someone my age achieve something so great was an awesome experience.

The 20 year-old shortstop, ranked as the number 11 prospect in all of MLB, made his debut at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, going 2-4 with a triple and a run scored.

It felt right cheering for this guy as he was announced over the PA system to a crowd of twenty-some thousand last night. If Machado had any  butterflies about making his first start in the show, let alone at a position he had played only twice in his minor league career, you wouldn’t have known it as he displayed the type of calmness and composure that you see in a seasoned veteran.

This type of debut is slowly getting more common as we have seen Mike Trout getting a late call up for the Angels at age 20 and Bryce Harper this season getting the call at the age of 19. Both have found success in the majors and Machado appears as if he’s going to have no problem settling into his new home in Baltimore.

Not to put pressure on the twenty year-old who has been regarded as the “savior” of this franchise since he was 18 but it is fair to say that if the Orioles plan to make any type of playoff push and possibly even a playoff run they are going to need Machado to produce. Even more important than his bat will be how he handles the move to third base. All season long we have seen error after error after error from the variety of third baseman that Buck has trotted out in hopes of finally finding the one guy who can solidify the hot corner. If Machado can field his position, which i believe he can, he will help this team significantly just by fielding alone.

Knocking the occasional triple wont hurt either.


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