GIF: Mark Reynolds and the most ridiculous swing EVER (now with more views!)

Lost in the hoopla of yesterday’s huge extra-inning comeback win by the Birds was this little bit of insanity.

Game situation: Bottom of the 11th inning, game tied 7-7. Mark Reynolds leads off for the Orioles, facing Oliver Perez of Seattle. Two ball, two strike count.

And away we go:

h/t Orioles Nation

h/t Lookout Landing

I was chatting on GMail with a buddy at the time. Here are our reactions to the above:

Chop: bahahahahahaha
 me: hahahahaha
 Chop: omg
 me: that’s gonna be a great gif

And thank you, internet. It is now a great gif.

I don’t want to bag on the sheriff too much – his defense late in Monday’s game is a big reason why the O’s have a chance for the 3-game sweep tonight.

But man…that swing.

As @biggsnake on twitter said (and this is where we ask our younger readers to avert their eyes):

“He looked like he was trying to kill a fly with a dildo.”

Pretty much.

Mark Reynolds – most gif-able Oriole.


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