Chris Davis breaks his bat on a home run

During the O’s 7-1 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday night, Chris Davis did something quite remarkable. He swung, made contact, and broke his bat off at the handle.

Nothing extraordinary there, right? Guys break their bats all the time. Usually results in a weak pop up or grounder, and every once in a while the hitter gets lucky and bloops a single on a broken bat.

Well, Chris Davis is no ordinary human.

Davis has his faults as a baseball player, but as far as pure strength goes, there probably aren’t many players in MLB who can equal him. That strength was on full display here, as his broken bat swing resulted in a HOME RUN.

Watch it here:

SB Nation gives us these two glorious GIFs of the play.

A couple guys on the O’s bench – who were busy admiring Davis’ hit – were lucky to get out of the way of the flying lumber. Pay special attention to Steve Pearce (the balding fellow on the left).

Chris Davis – Grown Ass Man.


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