Injury Bug Biting the Orioles

To say the Orioles have been going through a rough patch would be a slight understatement.  The Orioles are 2-8 in their last 10 and are losers of four straight series. With the birds in a free fall it s starting to feel like that part of the season where everyone starts pulling out the “I told you so” and “Same old Orioles” before jumping ship for the rest of the season.

One of the key factors to being successful in anyy sport is to try and stay healthy. Despite best efforts and a flaming hot start to the season the Orioles have taken more than their share of lumps as they have made more roster moves than any other team in the majors. Everyday players like Mark Reynolds, Nolan Reimold and now Nick Markakis have all spent time on the disabled list at some point this season. but its not just your big name players for a club getting hurt that can affect their success. Utility player Endy Chavez and relief pitcher Matt Lindstrom, who proved early to be a great acquisition in the Guthrie trade, have both battled injury and spent time on the disabled list.

The best mindset to take whenever a player goes down is next man up but when your next man up is injured as well as your starter your team is going to struggle. That’s what the Orioles are doing right now – they are struggling and these injuries are not helping their cause.

Don’t jump ship yet Orioles fans!

Despite their struggles the O’s are still just a game back of Tampa for the division lead after losing two of three at the Trop. Teams go through slumps. Players get injured. These are facts of the game but another fact is that this team has the willpower to keep fighting despite these injuries. The Orioles have made countless efforts to battle back late in games but lately seem to always fall one hit short of the go ahead run. If they keep showing this grit and determination by the time they get healthy again they will be a force to reckon with in not just the AL East but all of the majors.


2 Responses to “Injury Bug Biting the Orioles”

  1. Nick Haller Says:

    Please please please – turn it around. If they can’t, bring up all the guys on the Frederick Keys so they can stay hot! Get healthy!

    Still holding on for em’

  2. Doug Higgins Says:

    Bring up BRob and Bundy. Let the killer bees eat! I do not have another 14 years left to wait for a winner.

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