O's win in 17th for sweep at Fenway, own best record in MLB

What a weekend at Fenway for the Birds.

Not only did they complete their first 3-game sweep in Beantown since way back in 1994, but the way they did it on Sunday afternoon was something that O’s fans will never forget.

It took 17 innings, both teams using position players to pitch, a huge relay throw from J.J. Hardy to Matt Wieters, Wieters subsequently blocking the plate and flashing a “got ya” smile, and a 3-run bomb from Adam Jones in the top of the 17th to get it done, but get it done our Birds did.

As a result of the sweep, the O’s now own the Majors’ best record this morning at 19-9. That’s the exact same start they had to the season back in 2005, though we may not want to remind ourselves of that.

That year, of course, the wheels completely fell off after the All-Star break and the Palmeiro/Tejada steroid/B12 scandal.

O’s fans are extremely excited, yet extremely cautious at the same time. We’ve seen them play well in the early part of the year before, only to fall off during the “dog days” of summer.

And even though the bullpen is ridiculously taxed at the worst possible time – coming into a 9-game homestand against the heavy hitting Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, and New York Yankees (combined record 52-33), here in Birdland we can’t help but feel good about our team at the moment.

Expectations coming into the season were as low as they had been in years, yet the O’s just keep on winning. After a 5-1 road trip to New York and Boston – a road trip that was “supposed” to expose them as the frauds they were – the sun just seems to be shining a bit brighter in Charm City this morning.

Hopefully O’s fans will get out to see the team this week, and give them a welcome home worthy of the conquerors they were over the past six games.

Pack the Yard, Baltimore.


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