O's have best road trip in nearly 8 years, and I want to believe


That was the last time the Orioles  had a 10 game road trip where they finished with a winning record.

Ever since they swept the Twins all I have heard is “give it time, they will fall off eventually and still lose 100 games.”


What can you show me that proves they will finish below .500 for the 15th consecutive year? Aside from the HIDEOUS 19 errors (which are a big deal), what have they shown you that proves they are going to finish losers yet again?

Maybe the fact that they are third in the majors with 23 home runs, or perhaps the fact that Jim Johnson is 7 for 7 in save opportunities despite not always having the prettiest of outings. How about the fact that every time Nolan Reimold is in the lineup he continues to prove he can ball with the big boys? My favorite reason is the fact that two of our pitchers, Hammel and Chen, who no one had high hopes for, both have ERAs under 3 on the year.

Do any of those things sound like the make up of a baseball club bound for 100 losses?

Before people start thinking I am predicting a World Series berth, I’m not. I am just trying to focus on the positives of the club; they have been playing hard these first few weeks and their record shows it.  There is no reason this team can’t be “winners” this year. You go by what you have seen and I have seen a club that has every chance of breaking that .500 record and ending this 14 year long curse that has been upon our proud city.

I am a HUGE Adam Jones fan. Too often do I see him being bashed by our own fans. Why? Why would you want to talk down about the best player on our team?

We all know Jones can play. I’m referencing those who claim that he “hates” Baltimore, “hates” the Orioles, and wants to go play out west.

Maybe he just wants to be a winner like every other major league baseball player; since when was that a crime? Sure he has expressed his frustration but he has also been the guy to show up every game and make whatever impact he can. I believe Adam Jones does care about this team and that he does want to be successful with the Orioles. If this club is going to finish with a winning record its going to be through his lead.

At 9-7 I refuse to entertain the thought of us finishing as losers again. If the Boston Red Sox can start the season 4-10 and have every analyst in the world still back them and claim they will finish first or second in the AL East, why cant the Orioles who have already proved they are capable of playing good ball?

The Orioles can be winners, they want to be winners and I believe they will be winners.

There is some “Magic” swirling around this team.

I hope you all believe in it.

I sure do.


2 Responses to “O's have best road trip in nearly 8 years, and I want to believe”

  1. Roberto Says:

    Good job, keep it up.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Someone should send this to Adam Jones. Excellent article. and remember……Anything is possible!!!!!

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