Let's Hear it for Mark Reynolds

gif c/o @joelnethery

The Orioles lost 5-4 in 12 innings to the New York Yankees last night, and while it wasn’t completely Mark Reynolds’ fault, he certainly did all he could to aid the losing effort.

In addition to the wonderful display of fielding you see in the above animated photo, Reynolds also booted a grounder by Yanks’ catcher Russel Martin in the 6th inning. If Reynolds makes the play, the inning ends with the O’s still holding a 4-2 lead. Instead, two more runs scored as New York tied the game and eventually forced extra innings.

“The Sheriff” was also caught stealing, struck out three times, and had a line drive by eventual game-winning runner Robinson Cano carom off his glove and into left field for a double.

Through four games played in 2012, Reynolds has as many errors (2) as he does hits, and twice as many strikeouts (6) as total bases (3). After making 26 errors last season, he looks well on his way to crushing that total, despite insisting that he play third base as opposed to first.

Manager Buck Showalter’s patience with the 28-year old has to be wearing thin already.


3 Responses to “Let's Hear it for Mark Reynolds”

  1. Goob Says:

    I bet they’re kicking themselves for not trading him in the offseason. #OrioleTragic

  2. NestMinder Says:

    They tried. Nobody wanted the bum.

  3. D-Back & Oriole Fan Says:

    When Reynolds was in Arizona, we had high hopes that he would quit swinging for the fence and just play ball as a Team Player…..never happened. When he was traded to Baltimore, I (again) had high hopes that he would mature and learn to play as a Team Player. Nope….didn’t happen. In the past, I have read comments from many Oriole Fans who believed that Mark should continue to swing for the fence…regardless of the number of Ks he puts up. Well, looks like even they have learned the cold hard facts: Reynolds believes he should be allowed to swing out of his cleats every time he gets in the box. The result is K….K…..K….K….K….K…K….K…looks like if he is alllowed to stay in the lineup he will set another Major League record for strikeouts in a season. The way he is swinging, he may DOUBLE the old record. I hoped he would learn….now send the Bum to the minors…AA might be a level he can compete in….OR just dump him completely; he certainly doesn’t care about being a Team Player for the Birds!

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