Rumor or Best Rumor Ever? O's "Quietly" for Sale

The dream of all O’s fans has long been for owner Peter Angelos to sell the team. It’s widely agreed upon that the only way the Baltimore Orioles will EVER be respectable again is for sweeping change that starts at the very top of the organization. Well, one Washington, D.C. radio personality has apparently heard a rumor that will make even the most jaded orange and black faithful perk up a bit.

According to Eric Bickel (that’s “EB” for those of you familiar with the Junkies – who used to be in Baltimore on 99.1 WHFS), “It’s my understanding that the Baltimore Orioles are quietly for sale. Peter Angelos is actively selling the team at least privately to some people around him.”

Bickel had more details:

Bickel says that Angelos’ agreements with the Nationals and MASN have a minimum sale price for the Orioles franchise.  ”My understanding is that the number that was being floated around last night was $365 [million].”  He added that this asking price “isn’t enticing” to potential buyers because Angelos wants to retain the TV rights.

Wouldn’t it be just like ol’ Greedy Petey to sell the team, but hold onto MASN, his cash cow?

So in that scenario, I guess the new owners would have no access to the team’s cable network, which is the organization’s main source of income?

Sounds super.

Anyway, no sense in getting all upset over the details at this point. After all, it is still just a rumor. And even if Pete somehow manages to sell the team but keep MASN, it would still be a huge step in the right direction. Getting the Angelos name off the Orioles would immediately bring back a good chunk of the disenfranchised fan base.

Let’s hope it’s not just a rumor, and that more evidence of a potential sale begins popping up sooner rather than later.

h/t Baltimore Sports Report


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