Remembering the Regular Season: Great Memory #3 – Rex's Creation Destroys Him

Rex Ryan was the Ravens’ defensive coordinator from 2005-2008. Since he left following the 2008 season to be the head coach of the New York Jets, he has turned their defense into one very similar to that of the Ravens (though they had a bit of a down year in 2011). While the two teams met in New York in the 2010 opener, Week 4 of 2011 was Rex’s first “homecoming” to Baltimore.

The Ravens’ defense, many of whom had played under Rex and still love him, were eager to show their former chief that they hadn’t skipped a beat after he left town.

And they did exactly that.

On the Jets’ first snap, Ed Reed blitzed off the edge and caused a Mark Sanchez fumble that Jameel McClain would recover in the end zone for a Raven’ touchdown. The Ravens only scored four defensive touchdowns during the 2011 regular season, but the final THREE of them would come in this game. Haloti Ngata also caused a Sanchez fumble that went for six the other way, and Lardarius Webb threw in an interception returned for a score.

After the game, linebacker Jarret Johnson said this of his former coach: “Rex created us, now he has to deal with us.”


5 Responses to “Remembering the Regular Season: Great Memory #3 – Rex's Creation Destroys Him”

  1. Matt Says:

    They only scored 4 offensive touchdowns? I think you got the Ravens confused with the Denver Broncos. For his faults at least Joe Flacco can play Quarterback in the NFL and is not a sideshow act like Tim Tebow. I’m enjoying this series they are not a perfect team I can say that their regular season is nothing but a success. They swept the division and went 8-0 at home. They have a bye and the 2nd seed.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Yup. Ngata in St. Louis then the 3 in this game. Jimmy Smith had a couple close calls, but that was it.

  3. Matt Says:

    When I read they only scored four offensive touchdowns. Don’t you mean defensive touchdowns. They aren’t the Denver Broncos

  4. NestMinder Says:

    Ugh. Defensive. Fixed it. I’m full of fail today.

  5. Matt Says:

    It’s okay I just find it hyponotic watching Ngata crush Sanchez over and over. I don’t know what you been following what’s going on with the Jets but I feel like the way the way their season ended feels like the way the 2007 Ravens ended. Split locker room Offense and Defense, players only care about their stats and money and not winning. See the off season meltdown going on with the Jets is why I’m happy the Ravens hired Harbaugh over Rex.

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