Remembering the Regular Season: Great Memory #2 – Torrey Ain't No "Bust"

Many Ravens fans were elated when former Maryland Terrapin wide receiver Torrey Smith fell to Baltimore in the second round of the 2011 draft. We had watched Torrey torch ACC defenses during his time in College Park and he seemed like the perfect burner to compliment Anquan Boldin and let Joe Flacco’s shoulder howlitzer unleash its true potential.

However, a shaky preseason had many of those same fans knee-jerking like fools and throwing around the “bust” label before #82 had even had a chance to get his feet under him. It’s a very rare thing for a wideout to come in and make an immediate impact, but in today’s “what have you done lately?” world of instant gratification, people expected Torrey to be Randy Moss as soon as he stepped foot on an NFL field.

After not catching a single ball over the seasons first two games, the “bust” cries on local airwaves had only gotten louder as Torrey made his first start in Week 3 in St. Louis.

Replacing the injured Lee Evans, Torrey answered the doubters in a huge way. His first THREE NFL receptions went for touchdowns, as he and Flacco hooked up for scores of 74, 41, and 18 yards in the first quarter against the Rams.

Torrey’s rookie campaign continued to have its ups and downs, but there were far more ups when it was all said and done. Hopefully Smith, who has shown a gear that not many Ravens’ receivers have ever possessed, can continue to make positive impacts and big plays in the postseason.

(I apologize for the music in this video – make sure you turn your sound down/off before hitting play)


2 Responses to “Remembering the Regular Season: Great Memory #2 – Torrey Ain't No "Bust"”

  1. Dominic K. Says:

    “but there were far fewer ups when it was all said and done. ” I think/hope you mean ‘far fewer downs.’

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Actually meant to write “more ups,” but I guess either would have been better than what I ended up with. Thanks, fixed.

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