Remembering the Regular Season: Great Memory #1 – Ravens 35 Steelers 7

While they’ve been in the playoffs every year that we’ve been around save for one, this is the first time since the Nest has been in existence that the Ravens have earned a postseason bye. We find ourselves unsure of how to best fill the time. Instead of letting the wheel-spinning “moves” that the Orioles are making rain on our purple euphoria parade, I thought it best to use this time to reflect on what may have been the most satisfying regular season in Ravens history.

While we all obviously hope that there are plenty more great memories yet to be written by this 2011-12 Ravens’ squad, it seems as good a time as any, as we wait to find out who our first playoff opponent will be, to do some reminiscing.

Great Memory #1 – Week 1 – Ravens 35 Steelers 7

The Ravens started off the 2011 season with quite a bang, spanking their hated rivals from the opening whistle. Ray Rice’s first run of the year was a 36 yard gain. Joe Flacco’s first pass of the year was a 27-yard touchdown strike to Anquan Boldin. Terrell Suggs’ first sack of the year caused a fumble that was recovered by Haloti Ngata. The Ravens took a 14-0 first quarter lead, caused a total of seven Steeler turnovers (5 by Ben Roethlisberger), took turns blowing up Hines Ward, and cruised to a four touchdown win.

It was a great day for all Ravens fans, but it was a day that will always be extra special for us here at the Nest. We watched the game at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Morehead City, North Carolina, because the previous day Goob had gotten married in beautiful Beaufort, NC.

His wedding/Ravens vs. Steelers video tells the story better than words can, so let’s take a few minutes and reflect on just how awesome Week 1 of the 2011 season was.


One Response to “Remembering the Regular Season: Great Memory #1 – Ravens 35 Steelers 7”

  1. RavensForSuperBowl46 Says:

    Man I F***ING HATE THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!! The Ravens own the AFC North now! Keep rocking, Goob!

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