Fixing the NFL's "Popularity Bowl"

Let’s face it: the Pro Bowl is nothing more than a popularity contest.

The Pro Bowl is not about showcasing the NFL’s best talent in an exhibition game; it’s about interrupting NFL players from their Hawaiian vacation to watch them play a few series.

How can the most profitable sport in the world have such a horrible All-Star event?

Starting in 2010, the NFL experimented with changing the location and date of the Pro Bowl. Even though they were trying to fix the problem, it made the game even more unattractive because Super Bowl players can no longer play in the game.

The only good idea was to move the game to the Super Bowl location and create a more attractive Super Bowl week and drive up revenues for the home city as well as the NFL. Even though it was a good idea, the league quickly changed their mind after the complaints of millionaire players voicing their opinions to selfishly keep the game in Hawaii (for strictly vacation purposes).

Regardless of where and when the Pro Bowl is played, the glaring need for this game to become attractive has to do with who is actually on the field. Clearly putting the biggest household names on the field to appease the casual fan isn’t working.

Restoring integrity to this game may be the best way to not only increase its popularity but to also make it a “must watch” event for the league’s fan base a la the NHL or MLB equivalents. One thing the NFL needs to do is take out the popularity aspect, and only let deserving players touch the field, no matter how large (or small) their paycheck is.

Since the Pro Bowl isn’t truly “for the fans” (it’s more of an incentive clause in a player’s contract) the fan voting aspect should be eliminated completely. Clearly NFL players and coaches know the other players the best but even they tend to favor the popular players as well.

One option that should be suggested is to eliminate fan voting and replace it with a sports writers/media option. Combining the thoughts of players in addition to those who make their living covering the NFL and staying objective to the whole league may be the best way to evaluate who actually deserves to play in the Pro Bowl.

Why not try it out? Clearly the way things are now isn’t really working.

There are no better people to evaluate a single player’s impact on their team, along with their statistics, as NFL players, coaches and media members. Introducing this selection process will not only put a better product on the field but should make the game more interesting.

The real football fans who can appreciate a player’s effort regardless of the name on the back of their jersey will make it a priority to watch this All-Star event.

Introducing this aspect of player selection will more than likely eliminate the week long bellyaching sessions on major media platforms in regards to who was left off of the team. There are no clear arguments for why players such as Philip Rivers, Dwight Freeney, Antonio Gates, and Ed Reed Made the AFC roster. If more of an evaluation and critique process was introduced, players like Lardarius Webb, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton and Ryan Clark won’t have to wonder why their efforts weren’t appreciated this season.

The bottom line is the Pro Bowl is a yearly award. For every fan who says, “ (Insert Players Name Here) needs to what they did for another year and be more consistent to be awarded a spot on the team” just proves that this is a popularity contest and not about recognizing a specific players efforts for THAT SEASON!

It’s weird saying that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed probably didn’t deserve to go to Hawaii this season but I’ll refuse to let my home team bias get in the way. Let’s look at Cal Ripken Jr. for instance; was he really the best Shortstop and Third baseman in the American League the 19 seasons he made the All-Star team? I love Cal but I think not.

Enough with the popularity contest. Let’s start bringing in the players who actually deserve to be called an All-Star.


2 Responses to “Fixing the NFL's "Popularity Bowl"”

  1. joejester61105 Says:

    Unfortunately Goob, this popularity contest will never change. Its because it IS a fan driven event and not “how they played this year” event. I agree the game should be only for deserving players who actually played well. In all honesty however, do you think the fair weather, watch once and a while fans are going to pay to watch players who are known or are they going to pay to watch someone they have no idea who they are? Are they going to buy a Pro Bowl Jersey with Ray Lewis or Aaron Rodgers on it or a jersey with some 2nd year guy they have never heard of, regardless of how well he did this year. All about revenue my friend. And as long as its about the money, if will never be about touting the best. (see NFL Lockout for reference)

  2. john carl Says:

    GOOB/NestMinder get me a SHARE button PLEASE

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