Redesigned San Diego Chargers Helmets

Another week, another opponent, another set of re-imagined logos. In what has quickly become a reader favorite here at the Nest, this time around we try to come up with some more appropriate helmets for the San Diego Chargers…

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is only 30 years old, but the guy already has quite a brood – SIX KIDS! He married his high school sweetheart back when he was still in college at NC State, and apparently got right to work. This first helmet pays tribute to the man’s impressive virility:

(In case you couldn’t tell, yes, that’s a sperm with Rivers’ head on it…and it’s zig-zaggy like a lightning bolt. Zing!)

Rivers, while widely considered an elite quarterback in the NFL, has nonetheless had his struggles this season. His team is a very mediocre 6-7, he’s second in the league with 17 interceptions, and he had that horrible fumble that cost his team a loss to the lowly Chiefs. Maybe this helmet is more representative of his 2011 season:

Of course, it’s not all Phil’s fault that the Chargers have struggled. Somehow, coach Norv Turner manages to take an extremely talented team and make them mediocre year after year. This logo’s for you, Norv:

Combine Norv’s ineptitude and Phil’s struggles, and what do you get? One shitstorm of a Chargers team:

When one thinks of San Diego, the first thing to come to mind is probably great weather and palm trees. After that though, most will think of the 2004 Will Ferrell film, Anchorman, which was set in SoCal. These last two designs are a tip of the cap to Anchorman, San Diego’s answer to Baltimore’s “The Wire.”

The Chargers are no joke at the moment though. They’ve picked up their game these last several weeks, and the Ravens will have their hands full. Let’s hope they can bring 11-3 back from the West Coast.


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