2011 Indianapolis Irsays Commemorative Helmets

Colts fans would sure like to forget the 2011 season as quickly as possible. That’s why we at B’More Birds’ Nest, in order to make sure that doesn’t happen, have done our best “weird commemorative plate commercial” impression and put together some commemorative logos to make sure they never, never forget the season that they (hopefully) became just the second 0-16 team in NFL history.

Colts fans can make all of these favorites their own:

What a bunch of zeroes!


When Indy comes to town this Sunday, the Ravens hope to “beat a dead horse!” ZING!

This next one is a bit morbid, we know, but it’s the logical next step from the previous “dead horse” logo…

Indy fans (or, “Fat Humps” as the boys over at Kissing Suzy Kolber have taken to calling them) don’t drown their sorrows in booze after losing every week. No, they cheer themselves up with that midwestern favorite, Steak ‘n Shake! To honor that, this helmet should turn all those fat hump frowns upside down:

Finally, let’s all remember the reason this is all happening….

(or, more accurately:)

…and the light at the end of the tunnel…

Woof, that’s one ugly light.

Fat Humps: In order to receive your own commemorative 2011 Colts helmets, simply print out this page, cut out your favorites, and use the product shown on helmet #3 to attach them to your finest china. Proceed to slide the now timeless paper plate underneath your favorite order from the design on helmet #4!

Feel free to use them as you watch the Ravens beat the tar out of your team this weekend!


One Response to “2011 Indianapolis Irsays Commemorative Helmets”

  1. john carl Says:

    Goob u have got 2 be one of the most imaginative ppl i have ever talked 2 and have read, I wish the hell i was a Raven cause u would be on the secret payroll Haha all Goobvisions need 2 be Broadcast all over the Baltimore and surrounding area The Nest family is a hit LOL hell wish we had money for commercials LLS U Guys keep grinding I know all this work and WORKING everyday is alot Yall are deserving. #NESTneverCEASEtoAMAZE DAMN 140 characters HAHA

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