Adding Some Style to the Cleveland Browns' Helments

It’s bad enough that one team in the AFC North can only afford to put logos on one side of their helmet.

Then you have the Cleveland Browns, who can’t be bothered to slap even a single logo on their lids, thus sporting the most boring look in the NFL. Sure, we get it, it’s a classic look, blah, blah, blah…

In today’s football world, that crap doesn’t fly any more. Look at college football…teams like Oregon and Maryland come up with something new and beautiful/hideous every week. Even such sacred looks as the Notre Dame “golden domes” got spiced up a bit in 2011.

In that spirit, we think it’s high time the Browns get with it and jazz things up. We even have a few suggestions!

Variations of this next one were suggested by just about everyone we polled on Twitter (@BMoreBirdsNest), including @B_MoreFanatic, @Spradlinn, and @mikehen08.


@FranLangley thinks Cleveland’s biggest celebrity mascot, Drew Carey, would look good…

This next one, suggested by @DTaylorEvoX, seems mean spirited at first…

But when you think about it, what would get Cleveland fans more fired up than seeing a sad LeBron James face on their teams’ uniforms? Hell, it would be a great distraction from the Browns’ play on the field.

“Man, our team sucks.”

“Yeah, but at least LeBron was sad that one time!”

“Oh, hell yeah!”

Twitter follower @Montego335xi took things a step further than just suggesting logos, going as far as to create and submit his own:

The Cleveland James Browns:

The Cleveland Charlie Browns:

Or the Cleveland Hash Browns:

Feel free to use any of these awesome designs, Browns! And feel free to keep sucking, please, especially when you play the Ravens (by all means, though, please beat the everloving Browns out of the Steelers!)


4 Responses to “Adding Some Style to the Cleveland Browns' Helments”

  1. Eli Says:

    I like how there’s not even mention of the fact that the Ravens, in fact, are,the browns. Aren’t the ravens pretty much wearing browns helmets with logos?

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Sigh…too stupid to address, but I’ll bite.

    The Ravens aren’t the Browns. The Browns are the Browns. The Ravens are the Ravens. If you’re too dense to understand that, I don’t know what else to tell you.

    The Browns have orange helmets, and the Ravens have black helmets with logo stickers soo….not sure where you’re going with that one either.

    Feel free to keep saying dumb things though.

  3. MikeHen Says:

    I think he is just jealous of the fact that the Ravens (or as he calls them, the Browns) are a successful franchise in BALTIMORE and the real Browns (in CLEVELAND) are a terrible franchise and never win anything. It probably helps him sleep at night thinking the Ravens are, in fact, the Browns. But hey, you got to do what you got to do, I’m not knocking it.

  4. Fran Says:

    I was thinking instead of Carey’s whole face just his eye–wear but with the broken tape job in the middle. Or the Cleveland Brown Cracks …instead of Pittsburgh yellow stripe down the middle they have a dark brown “skid-mark” going verticle down their helmets.

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