Did the Heinz Field DJ Intentionally Call Joe Flacco "Little Girl?"

According to several reports, as the Ravens were getting ready to take the field for what would ultimately end up being the game-winning touchdown drive, the scoreboards at Heinz field flashed side-by-side pictures of Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger, along with their stats through the game’s first 57-plus minutes.

No harm there. Ben had, indeed, outplayed his Baltimore rival to that point in bringing his team back from a 10-point deficit to take a 20-16 fourth quarter lead.

However, it was the choice of accompanying music that has people questioning whether or not the Steelers delivered a bit of a low blow to Joe.

Typically, before a big defensive stand, the song blaring through the loudspeakers at Heinz Field is “Renegade” by the band Styx.

A good song to be sure, but I honestly can’t understand how it pumps up a defense or a crowd. Whatever, the Pittsburgh defense is no joke so it obviously works for them.

Maybe they should have stuck with their go-to, instead of (possibly) trying to insult Flacco and the Ravens by playing “What’s Your Name” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, which includes the wink/nudge lyric “What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name?”

According to Kevin Van Valkenburg of the Baltimore Sun, John Harbaugh was none too happy about the choice of music:

It’s funny, but right before the final drive, the Steelers scoreboard flashed Ben Roethlisberger’s stats next to Flacco’s, and the PA started blasting Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “What’s Your Name.” The stadium roared. John Harbaugh, of all people, was livid about this. (The Ravens coach was so fired up in the locker room after the victory, he actually pulled me aside to explain this, unprompted.) Harbaugh said he thought the lyrics — namely, “Hey, little girl” — were intended to be a shot at his quarterback’s manhood, and that made his blood boil. That’s part of the reason he was so fired up when Flacco engineered the game-winning drive, so much so that he cut his chin jumping up and down and celebrating with players.

Joe, as always, was oblivious to anything going on outside of his (no) huddle.

Since Harbaugh was so juiced up about the way he felt Flacco had been disrespected, I asked Flacco whether he had any recollection of hearing the Skynyrd song or felt similar to the way his coach did.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he said, with a look of genuine confusion on his face. “They were playing a song?”

Who knows if there is any merit to this allegation or not? If any of you were at the game, please chime in. Did you feel like the song was a slap in the face to Joe?

Even if it was…meh. If questioning an opposing players manhood is what makes those Yinzers feel better about themselves, it says much more about them than it does about Joe. Who’s the girl now, Heinz Field DJ? The quarterback that has engineering final-minute game-winning drives in your house the past two seasons?

Now that  I think about it, maybe “What’s your name, little girl?” isn’t the best thing to be playing with a picture of Ben Roethlisberger on the scoreboard anyway, hmmmm?

Sounds like something he’d say to a chick at a bar before dragging her into a bathroom.


37 Responses to “Did the Heinz Field DJ Intentionally Call Joe Flacco "Little Girl?"”

  1. Goob's Pop Says:

    Very well put old Nestminder but doubt if the Yinzers will ever have the guts to own up to it.

  2. JMMD Says:


  3. john carl Says:

    Great stuff Nest as usual @bravens86john here BEST #1 BLOG VOTE EVERYDAY AND IN EVERY CAT BMoreBirdsNEST was in got and gets my vote everyday #MOBBIES GO RAVENS #NEST #GOOB #RULES 3SALUTE

  4. Genuine Says:

    It doesn’t matter. Flacco and the Ravens got the last laugh. And I agree with Flacco; don’t even dignify the silliness with an acknowledgement. Move on to the next opponent …. with a smile.

  5. Copperking Says:

    Must be a slow news period……….

  6. Boof Says:

    What a bunch of whinny little girls, just like Flacco. Your team won the freakin game. Be happy with that. Now, if you want to show just how tough you are, go out and win the Super Bowl. You all talk big every season but in the end, you fold like a lawn chair in a hurricane.

  7. Tim Moran Says:

    Wow, Harbaugh doesn’t have enough to think about during a division game with their biggest rival? He’s actually listening to the music being played during the break? So he feels his quarterback was disrespected? Even if he was, who cares? Did he talk to anyone about the stunt he pulled at the start of the game? Keeping his team in the tunnel after they had been introduced until the Steelers were introduced thus they took the field at the same time. That is disrespect! Oh and your reference to Ben, never charged or tried in court! More than you can say for your no. 52

  8. Skiman Says:

    Funny how there’s nothing mentioned in any of the articles written about the game about the missed call by the refs on the catch by Smith #82 for the Ravens on their go ahead TD..

    If it wasn’t for the ref turming a blind eye to the Raven’s receiver pushing off the Steeler’s defender to create some separation just before catching the pass in the end zone that catch wouldn’t been made and it’s very doubtful that the Raven’s would of won the game factoring their field position that the Raven’s would of had after the penalty was accessed and factoring the amount of time left on the game clock.

    Raven fans enjoy your brief moment in the sun as the Steelers will be waiting for you come
    playoff time and you & I both know how that’s going to end. See ya soon, GO STEELERS!

  9. Scott Says:

    Jealousy is a stinky cologne, you towel-waving pussies.

  10. Jay Says:

    Yes those inf calls were right lmao saw the inf but not see the guy catch the ball get real refs not even watch the game they know what their going to call not want see the same great teams winning all the time its called from the NFL front office who wins before the games have to to sell tickets in losers stadiums an get tv revenue.Just look at all the losers who turned around this yr get a brain people there just trying get your money glad I live in Philippines the last 15 yrs on the US tax payer as a retired US army vet watching free on AFN network at home.

  11. NestMinder Says:

    Skiman, you dipshit. Torrey pushed off AFTER The P.I. flag was thrown, which is what receivers are taught to do.

    Of course you have nothing to say about the bullshit holding call to start the game and call back Rice’s 76-yard touchdown run.

    Go cry in your pissy little rag.

    Tim Moron, you too, asswipe. Your QB is a rapist, get over it.

  12. NestMinder Says:

    apparently the US Army is running low on punctuation rations…..

  13. billy Says:

    if he was in the ARMY, he woulda capitolized it.

  14. Lucy Says:

    That song is played at every Steelers home game. And they had already played Renegade.

  15. raven maniac Says:

    TRAILER TRASH is all you’ll hear from in Pitts. Bunch of psychos…

  16. HERE WE GO STEELERS.... Says:

    how many rings for the ravens? and now how many for the steelers? ok, now that thats settled, we thank you for your support!

  17. Smitty Says:

    1st play of the game was a joke
    Ike Taylor needs to learn not to grab on the shirt of his receivers that run by him.

  18. smitty15 Says:

    Credit to Ravens for beating Steelers twice. Lets see if the Steelers can beat the Bengals

  19. Mamalit Says:

    Seriously, MOVE ON and GROW UP Ravens. The very thing you complain about the Steelers and their fans is EXACTLY what you’re doing now.

  20. Lucy Says:

    On behalf of Steeler fans everywhere, I would like to apologize for the ones whose only response to any football argument is “We have more rings than you.” While that can be a valid point in some arguments, it doesn’t apply all the fucking time. Stop making the rest of Steeler fans look like ignorant asshats.

  21. NestMinder Says:


  22. smitty15 Says:

    I agree with Lucy.
    Lets both kick Bengal ass!!
    Raven/Steelers are great teams ALL the time.

  23. jeff Says:

    He is a little girl.

  24. NestMinder Says:

    He is a little girl.

    So the vaunted Steeler defense must be barbie dolls then, because he toyed with them.

  25. Jim Says:

    It was a good game. I’m sick of people talking about the Ray Rice calls but blatantly ignoring Ray Lewis got away w. a helmet to helmet hit. Ryan Clark was flagged for the same thing keeping a Ravens drive alive on 3rd down. Not to mention the phantom holding call on Max Starks, and two pass interferences on the same play in the endzone (one Raven held Mike Wallace after 5 yards, another pushed Cotchery out of bounds before he even went up for the ball). The refs were shitty, but in the end shitty both ways. So get over it.

  26. Todd Says:

    We all know come playoff time the STEELERS will be kicking their ass again!!

  27. John Says:


  28. NestMinder Says:

    ^ DERP!

  29. John Says:

    come on!

  30. terp116 Says:

    Hey Stillers yinz got your ass kicked on PRIME TIME quit whining. Joe the little girl got you in the end just like last year accept this time we caught the freaking ball. I have been to your stadium and it’s just like your town and woman Big bare and ugly.

    And FYI you don’t even make it to the play offs this year as the Bengals will beat your depressed asses this week and beat you out of the wildcard race.

    Penalties have always gone the way of the Stillers, just look at the first play of the game with the PHANTOM hold. Quit whining and get used to the back seat BITCHES

  31. Duff Says:

    All stadiums do this type of thing. Stop crying about it. Are you secretly in love with Flacco? Sorry that your feelings got hurt.

  32. NestMinder Says:

    And I’m sorry you have zero reading comprehension skills.

    Or maybe you just had a 12 pack of Duff beer before reading?

  33. FranciscoD Says:

    wow u ppl r crazy. everyone knows there are bad calls all the time and if ur a ravens fan, u’ve seen far 2 many 2 count against us. that being said, ravens won and its over. how many close games have these teams played? lets just enjoy the best rivalry in the nfl plz flacco stepped up and if he can b consistent then sorry the ravens will b a better team hands down, look how close the games r without flacco being great

  34. jlabs Says:

    I was at the game with my son who is a steeler fan. I am a packer fan. I heard the styx song. I distinctly remember it, first I was most likely the only sober one in the stadium plus I thought it was cool as hell. I never heard the lynrd skynrd song at all.

  35. moneydawd Says:

    How sweep it is to beat the stoolers. I saw Whines Ward wobbling and thought he was still dancing with the stars..


  36. joe Says:

    steelers always play dirty. hines got his.steelers lose great.i love i when they lose. i was a great fan of ben at miami, but no more he’s not one to lookup to.

  37. Michael heil Says:

    Wow, “Lucy” of the steelers fan base, nice comment. It looks like there are some people with common sense in Pittsburgh. And thank you FranciscoD, great comment

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