Wieters, Markakis Win Gold Gloves. O's Still a Joke.

We interrupt Steelers Hate Week to bring you some good news/bad news from the baseball team in town.

First, the good.

Last night, it was announced that two O’s – catcher Matt Wieters and right fielder Nick Markakis – won the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards at their respective positions. Wieters is the first Oriole catcher to ever win the honor, and Markakis finally gets his after being snubbed for several years (2011 was actually a down year for him defensively, but whatever).

Congratulations, boys.

And now for the bad news. Because when we’re talking Orioles, the bad ALWAYS overshadows the good.

Free agency starts in less than 24 hours. The Orioles still don’t have a General Manager (or a “President of Baseball Operations,” or whatever other title you want to put on it).

They offered Tony Lacava, current member of the Toronto Blue Jays front office, the job….and HE TURNED IT DOWN. Reportedly, he was ready to take the position and then…he met Mr. Angelos.

From Orioles Hangout:

Tony Lacava turned down the Orioles offer to become GM after he learned he would not be able to have control of who stayed in the organization and who he could bring into the organization according to a source.

According to that source, Angelos informed Lacava that certain people had to stay in the organization although those names were unknown. He was also not given the authority to be able to hire his own people.

Still Turdland.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Steelers hating.



5 Responses to “Wieters, Markakis Win Gold Gloves. O's Still a Joke.”

  1. Meghan Says:

    If John Stockstill becomes the GM of the Orioles, I am going to set fire to a good portion of my Orioles gear. Bonfire at Bob’s TIki Bar.

  2. Goob Says:

    What is this Orioles team you speak of?

  3. Bill Adams ✔ (@BillAdams) Says:

    As I tweeted a few minutes ago, “The Baltimore Orioles should buy the Los Angeles Dodgers. By default/accident it would put a better product on the field.”

  4. Scott Says:

    Fire Buck, hire Riggleman, and ask Ozzie if he has spare time to run our baseball team!

    All problems solved forever!

  5. Rick Says:

    This team is going to be the laughing stock of the league again…another dismole season, and another last place finish in the American League East…..LMAO!!!!

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