Keeping Cam Cameron Around is Complete Insanity

Insanity (adj.): Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein

Football is a team sport and a team not only wins but loses together.

Once again, the defensive side of the ball was dominant for the Ravens while the offense struggled to maintain drives with even a single first down until the third quarter.

The head coach is ultimately held accountable for the performance of the team but he also must be held accountable for the decisions made by his coordinators. Every bit of praise Chuck Pagano receives for the Ravens defense is deserved; the same can be said for Cam Cameron and the criticisms he takes for the ever-struggling Ravens offense.

After being fired after a 1-15 record with the Miami Dolphins, Cam Cameron has, over four seasons in Baltimore, left a bad taste in the mouths of Ravens fans and it has people calling for his head.

Cameron hasn’t received a bit of praise for his impression left on a football team in over five years and it’s all due to one thing:

Cam Cameron does the same things over and over again, ergo he’s insane!

The Baltimore Ravens playbook lacks creativity and doesn’t utilize the talents of the very same players that treat it as their bible.

Pointing fingers after a heartbreaking loss is easy to do, however, the consistency of our inconsistent offense can only be traced back to the person responsible for their everyday efforts.

The Ravens offense has only put together a complete game plan twice this season; the rest of the games have left plenty of decisions and efforts to be criticized.  After each miserable offensive performance, it becomes more evident that Cam Cameron has somehow found a way to ride the coat tails of his talented players, not his football IQ.

The four years Cam coached in San Diego as their offensive coordinator, record-breaking seasons from LaDanian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates were purely based off their talent, not Cameron’s creativity.

Currently, Cameron is the beneficiary of Ray Rice’s talents. Rice is called upon weekly to make something out of nothing. When Rice is thrown the ball, it’s typically because it’s a check down from Joe Flacco due to every receiver is being covered; what Rice does with the ball after he catches it can only be attributed to his talents. Receivers in the Ravens offense are covered way too often because the playbook lacks complicated or unpredictable passing patterns.

Without Ray Rice being able to make something out of nothing, this team may only win six games.

On Monday, Rice carried eight times for 28 yards while fumbling twice. Rice has done more than his share to earn the respect of this coaching staff to not have his role reduced just because of two fumbles. Even though his NFL leading streak of 522 consecutive touches without a fumble was snapped on Monday, he can’t be abandoned.

The quarterback play was slow and abysmal. Cam cannot be to blame for Joe Flacco’s inaccuracy, but creating separation from the wide receivers in the secondary is his job. No slant patterns were called until the end of the game and nothing was done to try to jump-start this offense.

Flacco’s demeanor is constantly questioned and I blame that on Cam as well. Flacco clearly still has an issue with the dismissal of former quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn and the main reason Zorn is gone was because he and Cameron butted heads over control of the offense

Joe Flacco’s mannerism on the sideline and his attitude during discussions with Cam only further proves that point that the two don’t get along.

It’s pretty easy to see that if you connect the dots all the problems trace back to Cam Cameron. Unfortunately, it may not be in the best interest of the Ravens to fire him mid-season a la Jim Fassell in 2006.

No one on the coaching staff could effectively replace Cameron. The only way the Ravens may make a move is if the front office decides that attitude is more important than experience.

After the dismissal of Jim Zorn, John Harbaugh made his bed and now he has to lay in it too. Many whispers dictate that Harbaugh solely vouched for Cameron to stick around this season and gave him another shot.

Harbaugh’s personnel decisions may be just as bad as his end of game management and could ultimately one day cost him his job, and the Ravens another Super Bowl.

The bottom line is this – it’s all Cam Cameron’s fault and he has to go. It may not be the best decision to do it now but who knows how much more this offense can struggle with him at the helm.

Regardless if he finishes out the season or not, it just puts more pressure on Harbaugh, Flacco and the rest of the 53 men in what could be becoming a divided locker room.


9 Responses to “Keeping Cam Cameron Around is Complete Insanity”

  1. Meghan Says:


  2. Lauren Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. He definitely has got to go! Hit the road Cam, and don’t ya come back…EVER!

  3. Matt Says:

    99% of bad offensive play calling are called by 1% of the Offensive Coordinators. 10/30/2011 Occupy M&T Bank Stadium

  4. Rob Says:

    I truly believe that Cam is sabotaging the Ravens offense in hopes that they fire Harbaugh and give him the head job. That sounds weird, but so is the play calling.

  5. Scott Says:

    I, too, am on the “Fire Cam” bandwagon stronger than ever.

    Also, I think it is pretty easy to put the whole, “Is Flacco a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback” thing to rest. Fire Cam, and if Flacco still sucks with a new offensive coordinator, there is clearly a constant. I don’t think that would happen though, because Cam is the real issue.

  6. 3Y31D3R Says:

    Oh,come on, Its FLAKCO”S 4th year, and each year he’s given new receivers,and he still can’t hit them when there open
    He play worse then most of the rookie QB’s

    The objective is to win games
    If your QB is having a bad day , sit him down

  7. NestMinder Says:

    Quarterbacks aren’t pitchers – you don’t just go to the bullpen when they’re struggling.

  8. Thomas Crowley Says:

    Yep lets just keep giving flacco a pass, firing cam solves nothing.

  9. sprizzle Says:

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