Number 52 Becomes Only Member of 40/30 Club

With his sack of Houston Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub in the first quarter on Sunday, Ray Lewis joined a very exclusive club.

Or, perhaps more accurately, he founded said club.

Lewis became the first player in NFL history to record both 40+ sacks and 30+ interceptions. He and former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison are the only members of the “30/30 club,” but by going over 40 career sacks (he now has 40.5, along with 31 interceptions), Lewis now stands in a class of his own.

It’s just one more distinction for the two-time NFL defensive player of the year and Super Bowl XXXV MVP, who is unquestionably headed for Canton, Ohio when he finally decides to hang up his cleats. At his press conference on Monday afternoon, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh called Lewis “the greatest linebacker to ever play the game.”

While that sort of praise gets thrown around a lot, and makes for great sports bar and talk radio debate, in Lewis’ case it’s not just hyperbole. Ray’s resume speaks for itself.

Greatest. Ever.


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