Want to be in the Next GOOBVISION?

This weekend not only marks the return of the Ravens from their bye week, but the return of the tailgate version of GOOBVISION!

Goob is coming up from Raleigh this weekend to take in Ravens-Texans, and will be traveling all over the M&T Bank Stadium tailgate lots prior to the game talking to Ravens fans and Texans fans (if we can find any) alike. If you want to be in the next GOOBVISION – or if you just want to have a cold one with the guy that’s quickly becoming one of the most recognizable Ravens fans around behind Captain Defense and Sports Steve – let us know!

Send Goob a tweet (@RavenManiac) and let us know where you’ll be (you can try tweeting at me but it will be futile as I remain in the stone ages cell phone-wise)! We’ll do our best to get to as many tailgate groups as possible.

Or, if you see the guy walking around with a camera, microphone, and beak hat, don’t be shy! Call us on over and let’s talk Ravens. We promise not to drink ALL your beer.


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