Secondary Still Thin as Carr, J.Smith Miss Practice

It looks like at least two of the five guys we singled out as being most important for the Ravens to get back on the field moving forward aren’t going to see the field this week against Houston. Both Jimmy Smith and Chris Carr were absent from the portions of Wednesday’s practice open to the media today, according to several reporters.

On the one hand, it’s disappointing that the team will still be extremely thin in the secondary, especially against a high-powered offense like the Houston Texans. On the other hand, though, it’s most important to get Carr and Smith 100% healthy before they take the field again and risk re-aggravating their existing injuries. Not to mention that Houston will be without All-World wide receiver Andre Johnson this week, which takes considerable pressure off the B’More back line. The fact that the Ravens travel to Jacksonville – whose passing game scares nobody – next week before coming back home to face another potentially explosive air attack in the Arizona Cardinals also relieves a bit of the urgency to get those guys back right now. In addition, it wasn’t all bad news in the secondary, as Haruki Nakamura was able to practice.

The Ravens should be OK this week and next without Carr or Smith. It’s imperative, however, to get them back for the critical Week 9 contest in Pittsburgh.

The other two guys from our “gotta get ’em back” list, Ben Grubbs and Lee Evans, were on the field Wednesday, so let’s be hopeful that they are able to continue practicing pain-free throughout the week and that they can suit up on Sunday.


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