GOOBVISION: Jets at Ravens

In this week’s GOOBVISION, Goob takes a look into his crystal ball to get a glipmse of the future of Rex Ryan, finds Rex on the trail of some not-so-sexy toes, and wonders why Mark Sanchez likes to date members of the prom committee.


2 Responses to “GOOBVISION: Jets at Ravens”

  1. john carl Says:

    Goob luv u and bmore birds nest an nest minder crazy luv for u all. But how the hell did u land the beautiful Mrs. goob LOL and wondering also if it was your job that has u in NC or did u and mrs goob wanna reside there. i have alot of fam in Smithfield and its boring as hell there. And what is your profession cause i would love for goob vision 2 be a weekly ravens show and for u to get PAID doin it.

  2. Goob Says:

    I have no idea how I landed Mrs. Goob, I guess I’m a lucky guy. I try to give her the same attention and focus that I do the Ravens so she must like that. She is also so forgiving for my obsession for football and this team that she’s now been trained to know more football than most men that view this site.

    I moved to NC because the job market in BMore sucked when I got out of school, I also wanted to find a southern woman (Mrs.Goob). I miss Baltimore and I’m working on a few things now to hopefully take Goobvision to the next level.

    Smithfield sucks, I was acutally there yesterday for work. I’m in sales and always have been good at that, I just never acted on my dream to be in broadcasting but I’m having a new love for it thats for sure. I’ll do my best to have a weekly Ravens show… very sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for the support

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