Want to be the Next GOOB? (The Next DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan, that is?)

Last season, Goob won the DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan contest. His win produced what was easily one of the best weekends of either of our lives . We got to go to the Super Bowl in Dallas, where we hung out on Media Row with Ray Rice, Goob played in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl (and caught a touchdown pass and did the Ray Lewis dance), and then we got to watch the Steelers lose the Super Bowl in person. It was absolutely incredible.


You should be.

But you should also do something about it, if you too are “displaced” like Goob was.

DirecTV is once again having their annual Ultimate Displaced Fan contest, and if you’re a Ravens fan living more than 4 or so hours away from Baltimore, you’re eligible to have the weekend of your life just like Goob and I did last February.

Wanna see what Goob got to do?

DIRECTV Ultimate Displaced Fan 2011 Prize Sizzle from Genuine Interactive on Vimeo.

That can all be you, if you’re the 2011 DirecTV Ultimate Displaced fan. Need some pointers on how to give yourself the best chance to win? Listen to Goob, and you’ll be well on your way…

How to Enter DIRECTV’s Ultimate Displaced Fan Contest 2011 from Genuine Interactive on Vimeo.

So, go enter now. DirecTV assures us that, if your entry is good enough, they will have no problem crowning a Ravens fan champion for the second straight year. Let’s show the entire country that Ravens fans show their purple pride better than any other fans, regardless of how far from home they may be.

Good luck!


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