What's Important Now – Steelers Getting Jacked Up

For the last couple years here at the Nest, we’ve had a weekly segment called “Play Like a Raven.” In it, I chose a player (or group of players) who most “played like a Raven” in that week’s game and gave them my e-game ball. I also picked a guy or a group to berate a bit for what I deemed sub-par performances.

Well, for no reason other than I’m a little bit bored with it, “Play Like a Raven” is going on indefinite hiatus around these parts.

Instead (for now at least), it will be replaced with a new weekly feature, “W.I.N. – What’s Important Now.” For some background on this slogan, let’s look at the Ravens’ official page:

According to Foster’s official website, “W.I.N.” means: “To make change; to influence; to use this moment to be better than the last; to achieve greatness in all aspects of your life; win at home. Win at school. Win at business. Win at life.”

The Ravens have embraced “W.I.N.” ever since Harbaugh arrived in Baltimore three years ago.

For our first installment of “W.I.N,” let’s take a look at what was important in Week 1 – Pittsburgh Steelers players getting their clocks cleaned:

Let’s not save the best for last. Cheap Shot, come on down!

Ed Reed got some revenge on Hiney as well, forcing an incomplete pass and nearly ripping #86’s head off in the process:

Rashard Mendenhall, have you met Haloti Ngata?

“God can have his soul, but his ass is mine.”

One more time, just for good measure:

I could watch that all day.

The Ravens thoroughly outhit the Steelers on Sunday, as evidenced above. They physically intimidated them and imposed their will, directly leading to the WIN. That’s What’s Important Now.



4 Responses to “What's Important Now – Steelers Getting Jacked Up”

  1. Matt Says:

    I hate to be a party pooper but it’s Tuesday. Can we get over this game? I love the fact they crushed the Steelers but we need to move on and focus on the Titans. I still hate the Titans from the days when the Ravens and Titans were in the AFC Central and I hope they put another 30 burger next week.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    No. F no, as a matter of fact.

    The TEAM needs to move on. I’m going to relish in this win until 12:59 on Sunday afternoon. And after we smack the Titans around, I’ll probably go back to talking about 35-7.

  3. Matt Says:

    Fine with me but I follow the 48 hour rule. Don’t dwell a game win or lose after 48 hours after the final whistle.

  4. Matt Says:

    But then again I am the person who sent Youtube videos of the Billy Batts scene from Goodfellas referring to it as the highlights of the Ravens Steelers game from Sunday.

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