Like many of you in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, I am being more than a little inconvenienced by that bitch Irene. The Hurricane/Tropical Storm that tore up the East Coast this weekend has left me without power not only at my home (shitty) but also at my office (not so shitty!)

They tell us it could be a few more days before power is restored, so posts could be sporadic here at the Nest for the time being. However, know that we have some epic GOOBVISION in the works to be posted sometime next week before we all head down to Beaufort, North Carolina (still standing, somehow) for Goob’s nuptials. It won’t be so much a game preview as it will an all-encompassing thesis on Steelers hate.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to keep up with Ravens news via the radio in my car during my many trips to buy ice or gas to refill the generator, and during treks out to Wi-Fi hot spots (currently at a Panera Bread). I feel a bit cut off from the world, that’s for damn sure, but I’m not complaining. A lot of homes and lives were much more affected than my own over the past several days. The extent of my Hurricane “clean up” was picking up a bunch of downed branches in the back yard. I’ll be alright. Just don’t hold the lack of posts against us.

We’re about sick of this preseason mess anyway. It’s time for the real football to start. September 11 is less than two weeks away. We’ll be here all season – don’t worry about that.


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