Lee Evans and Vonta Leach: I'm Sold.

Well, Ravens fans, are you sold on Vonta Leach and Lee Evans yet?

Because after just two games of Leach, and one of Evans, I sure as hell am.

Both had big hands in the Ravens’ first-team offense’s only touchdown drive on Friday night in the second preseason game.

First, Evans caught a 43-yard pass from Joe Flacco down the left sideline on 3rd-and-7 to not only extend the drive, but move the ball well into Chiefs’ territory. On the play, Evans displayed the kind of run-past-a-cornerback speed that Ravens’ receivers have been so desperately lacking over the years.

Evans had 3 catches for 68 yards in two quarters of work. The new #83 should prove an integral piece of the Ravens’ offensive puzzle in 2011, and although he doesn’t quite have his chemistry with Flacco down 100% just yet, it was nice to see that the two have at least some sort of a rapport already.

Two (and three) plays later, the Ravens’ new fullback showed why he was brought to Baltimore. Vonta Leach caught a short pass in the flat from Flacco, and looked like he was about to get lit up by Chiefs’ linebacker Brandon Siler. Instead, it was Siler who – by far – got the worst of things.

Leach lost his helmet on the play, but that didn’t stop him from popping up immediately, seemingly looking for somebody else to hit. On the next play, he found someone to hit as he paved the way for Ray Rice’s 26-yard touchdown scamper.

As The Sun’s Peter Schmuck put it today, Leach is “exactly the kind of fullback the Ravens needed,” and I couldn’t agree more. I got nothin but love for ya, Pain Train, but I don’t think I’ll be missing you – or thinking about you at all – moving forward.

The Ravens still have issues at offensive line, obviously, but as far as the fullback and wide receiver (not to mention quarterback, running back, right guard and left guard) positions go, our Birds are looking damn good.


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