Goob Takes Overreacting Ravens Fans to Task

After the Ravens’ first preseason game against the Eagles, the fanbase is a bit restless due to the team’s mediocre performance. Goob gives these overreacting fans a swift boot of perspective in this week’s video, while also touching on Oneil Cousins being awful, Tyrod Taylor, and Lee Evans.



4 Responses to “Goob Takes Overreacting Ravens Fans to Task”

  1. Austin Says:

    I understand it is a pre-season game and it is to see where we need to improve but the pre-season games set the tone for the season and it also shows other teams what our weaknesses are. I agree most fans are over reacting but maby your under reacting. It is a pre-season game and it does not count, but it is still a game, and we should be a little dissapointed at the ravens proformance.

  2. Goob Says:

    Sorry Austin but I’d have to highly disagree with you. Let’s look at a few things….

    Last year, the 49ers were 4-0 in the preseason. Their regular season record… 6-10.

    Also, look at the Bears and Colts, both won their respective divisions and still went 0-4 in the preseason.

    The ’07 Giants, ’06 Colts and ’04 Patriots which won the Super Bowl in their respective year also went 1-3 in the preseason.

    This just further proving that the preseason doesn’t matter and everyone is over reacting. I don’t always think I’m right but I don’t think I’m under-reacting either.

  3. Scott Says:

    People are absolutely overreacting considering this is the first of four preseason games. I would have been speechless if Torrey Smith hadn’t fucked up a few plays or if Oneil Cousins had played at a college-worthy level. That said, there are things both good and bad that stand out after that one game: Paul Kruger is going to be a monster and the offensive line needs immediate attention. Don’t reserve his spot in Canton or jump ship (respectively) until after the Steelers game, however.

  4. Travis Says:

    Goob, I do agree that many people are over reacting, but to not be concerned about our season is like trying to rely on the gov’t to scale back spending and stop using credit. The major concern has to be our O-line, but the pickups we have gotten so far are outstanding….albeit prob not going to matter without an O-line. Pollard was an upgrade and while his coverage skills are suspect, Landry definately wasn’t any better. I don’t think we needed to address anything there, but he is going to be a huge diff maker this season on our D. Not really needed imo as I think zibby could have handled it, but I have some real high hopes for Pollard.
    Leach…nuff said, prob the best FB in the league, and McClain’s heart wasn’t in it. He went to KC and will prob still be used as a FB there, maybe a bruising back, but he could have had the same role here with McGahee going away. All in all, I think it was time to part ways as he wasn’t going to be happy with any change in role here, regardless of what it was, and he wanted more money for his role than we had to spend.
    Evans, was prob the best pickup, rookie WR are never ready their 1st year and without the mini camps, you might as well hand a 15 year old kid the keys to a ferrari and say go learn to drive. Doss looks amazing, hands of glue, but needs time to mature and learn the system. That is not going to happen in 11 days of practice. Torrey will come along as well, but it was obvious that they are not ready for primetime. Pita looked great, and his blocking was outstanding…he could have competed for RT in that game…..all joking aside, Dickson and Pita are going to be able to replace Heap, without the injuries….I love Heap and always thought he would finish out his career here, but its hard to remember the last time he had a full season.

    All in all, we got all the pieces we need to win, except an O-line, I am hoping Harewood or Reid can get it done like Oher did his rookie season, but thats asking a lot. Here’s hoping we can get a tackle to stop our line from leaking like a sieve.

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