Special Announcement: Partnership with Ravens24x7.com

We are extremely proud to announce that this season B’More Birds’ Nest will be partnering with the site that is unquestionably the premier destination for Ravens fans on the web, Ravens 24×7 (www.ravens24x7.com).

If you’re a Ravens fan and you have a computer, there is little doubt that you are familiar with Tony Lombardi’s Ravens24x7. The site has been providing unmatched Ravens coverage for many years, boasting an impressive stable of writers including Tony, Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, Matt Jergensen of Ravens Gab, former Raven Wally Williams, and others. One of my favorite columns anywhere on the web is 24×7’s “Filmstudy,” by Ken McKusick. This piece should be required post-game reading for any real Ravens fan.

This year, Tony has launched a new section of Ravens24x7, RaveOnTV.

That’s where we come in.

This season, GOOBVISION – featuring, of course, the 2010 DirectTV Ultimate Displaced Fan, Goob – will be seen not only here at B’More Birds’ Nest, but also over at RaveOnTV. So don’t be confused when you see the Ravens24x7 intro and outro on Goob’s videos. Aside from those two changes, everything else will be the same.

Those of you that are used to seeing Goob’s craziness here at the Nest will still be able to do so – the videos will post here just as they always have. By cross-posting at RaveOnTV, though, we will be able to reach an entire new audience of Ravens fans who haven’t had the perverse pleasure of watching Goob….well,be Goob.

We are very excited for this opportunity, and we promise to continue to bring you the same kind of quality, goofy, eccentric, and even- sometimes- insightful videos that we did last season. Most importantly, Goob will continue to provide a true fan’s perspective on all the purple happenings.

We look forward to this season, and hope you’ll be here to enjoy the ride with us.

Go Ravens.


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