Back-to-Back Jacks by Lee, Reyno Pad O's Lead in Win over BoSox

After seven consecutive losses to Evil Empire, Jr., the O’s finally pulled off a victory against the hated Red Sox on Tuesday night.

Jeremy Guthrie went seven strong innings, allowing only two runs. He likely punched his ticket out of B’More with the trade deadline looming. If indeed this was Guthrie’s last hurrah in black and orange, I say good for him. The guy deserves way better than his atrocious record over the past two-plus seasons (25-44). Should he go, hopefully it’s to a true contender that can slot him in the 3-4 starter spot where he really belongs. I really believe that, in the right situation, Guthrie will thrive for the next few seasons.

Back to the game…

Jim Johnson shut down the Sox over the final two frames, though the ninth was a lot less tense thanks to back-to-back home runs in the bottom of the 8th by Derrek Lee and Mark Reynolds. Those dingers pushed the Birds’ lead to 6-2, saving us the heartburn of entering the ninth with just a slim 3-2 lead.

The Birds try to take the series (!!!!) today at 12:35 as Jake Arrieta takes on some dude named Andrew Miller (3-1, 5.68).

Because MLB finally stepped into the 21st century and now allows video of their games on third-party sites, we can show you those aforementioned bombs. Thanks, MLB!

(Update: Well, one of them worked anyway. Looks like MLB is still figuring out this whole series of tubes that we call the internets).


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