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Joe Flacco Gets Hitched

June 27, 2011

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco married his longtime girlfriend, Dana Grady. The two have been dating since Joe’s senior year at Audobon High School in New Jersey.

Flacco’s male and female fans alike are probably clamoring to see a photo of the new Mrs. Unibrow today, as Joe and Dana’s relationship has been 100% out of the public eye.

In fact, some internet sleuthing reveals that the only known (suspected?) photo of Dana is this one, taken at the Ravens Halloween party last year at Arundel Mills Mall, where Joe and Dana showed up as “The Situation” and “Snookie” from the MTV show “Jersey Shore.”

Supposedly, that’s Dana.

Way to go, Joe.

Now we only wonder how long it will be until a bunch of these start coming along:


Sizzle on Jimmy Kimmel Live: "Where You at, Roethlisberger?"

June 24, 2011

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs stopped by Jimmy Kimmel live this week to do some lockout “work.” In the video below, he basically carries on the duties of good ol’ “Terry Tate Office Linebacker” from earlier this decade.

At the end, he gives a nice little shout out to Baby Ben. Check it out here:

And just for fun (and because I love this ish), here’s a Terry Tate video:

Ed Reed Tells ESPN His Neck Still Hurts

June 23, 2011

Appearing on ESPN SportsCenter last night, Ravens safety Ed Reed said that the nerve impingement in his neck still bothers him, but he has no plans to have surgery to correct it.

“I don’t want to be like these guys having neck surgery and then you got to have another surgery just to continue to play this game. I love this game, but I love myself more.”

He also spoke to Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley’s comments that the Ravens will not win a Super Bowl “in this lifetime,” saying that Woodley has “got to be careful” what he says.

Here’s the entire clip:

Ravens Cancel Westminster Training Camp

June 22, 2011

For the first time since the team came into existence in 1996, the Baltimore Ravens will not be holding training camp at McDaniel (formerly Western Maryland) College.

Here is the statement from the team:

Because of the uncertainty as to when the NFL lockout will end, the Baltimore Ravens will move their 2011 training camp from McDaniel College to their year-round facility in Owings Mills.

Last summer, over 110,000 fans attended the open practice sessions at McDaniel, the Ravens’ training camp home since the franchise started in 1996.

“We’re disappointed we won’t be back at McDaniel and in Westminster this summer. We delayed the decision as long as we could,” Bob Eller, the Ravens’ vice president of operations, said. “There are logistics that needed to be addressed now, including McDaniel’s schedule, the hotel, the fields and other Ravens football functions. Right now, we don’t know dates for camp, and we’ve been forced to make other plans.

“One of the main issues we have is the time it takes to move our entire football operation to Westminster and then bring it back to Owings Mills. Those are days we can’t afford to lose as our team prepares for the season in what has become a condensed time period,” Eller explained.

The Ravens have spent all 15 of their training camps in Westminster. “We’ll miss being there, working with the college and the Best Western hotel. They have been very patient with us through this process,” Eller added. “We’ll also miss the interaction with the fans, which is a huge part of our camp experience.”

“We’ve appreciated the Ravens keeping us in the loop through this process,” Ethan Seidel, McDaniel College’s vice president of administration and finance, said. “We’ve had ongoing discussions internally and with the Ravens, knowing that the closer we got to a regular training camp start date, the less likely it would be logistically feasible to pull it off this year. We’re certainly not surprised by this and have been prepared for this scenario. When the NFL has its new agreement, we look forward to speaking with the Ravens about continuing our partnership with them.”

The Ravens’ lease agreement with Baltimore County does not allow for fans to attend practices in Owings Mills. “We don’t have the parking space for the fans, and the roads could not safely handle the type of crowds we attract,” team president Dick Cass explained.

Cass noted that the team has already begun discussions with McDaniel College to return to Westminster for future Ravens training camps. “We hope to have a full NFL season in 2011, but the current timing compelled us to make this decision. We waited as long as we could, but we’re beyond the dates when we could efficiently prepare for the move to McDaniel for a normal training camp start. We do fully anticipate, however, to be back at McDaniel next summer,” Cass said.

Once a new collective bargaining agreement between the franchises and the players is reached, the Ravens will announce practice schedules. “We will make every effort to have one or more practices at M&T Bank Stadium once we can determine our camp schedule. And, these sessions at M&T will be free and open to the general public,” Cass added.

This is very disappointing to the tens of thousands of Ravens fans who annually make the trip out west to watch the team practice during the sweltering summer months. With the Orioles – though improved – again languishing in last place in the American League East, it’s even more depressing to not have the sessions at McDaniel to look forward to, as they had become a welcome annual distraction from the mediocrity of the local baseball team.

The fact that the team will hold the majority of their “training camp” at the facility in Owings Mills, with just one or two dates at M&T Bank Stadium that will be open to the public, is a huge kick in the proverbial groin to the football-loving hordes around here. Throw in the financial impact to McDaniel College and the entire city of Westminster, and this whole scenario is just very, very bad.

Let’s hope this lockout comes to an end real soon here, so depressing bad-news posts like this don’t become a regular thing.

O's Avoid Sweep in DC, Look to Beat Up on Pittsburgh

June 20, 2011

The Orioles finally scratched out a win Sunday afternoon against the Gnats, narrowly avoiding the three-game sweep at the hands of Washington. Despite racking up 40 hits during the series, the O’s could manage only 13 total runs and the single victory.

Friday night, they had 18 hits but only four runs, a historically awful night in terms of offensive efficiency. According to, the only other two times since 1919 that has happened were in 1935 and 1953. Oof.

It get’s better (worse). Some more tidbits from

More oddities from this game:

1. Both Nick Markakis (batting 2nd) and Adam Jones (3rd) had lines of 5-0-4-0. Batter games of 4+ hits with no runs or RBI are rare in themselves; there were only 2 such regulation games last year. But teammates doing it in the same game has happened just once before since 1919. And while it seems almost impossible that Markakis and Jones could have so many fruitless hits while batting consecutively, the other instance of this event had the same configuration, with Rod Carew and Fred Lynn.
2. Derek Lee, hitting 6th, had 5 hits and no RBI (1 run). That gives Baltimore 3 players with 4+ hits and no RBI — the first time that’s ever been done in the game-searchable era (1919-present). As you might guess, #4-5 hitters Matt Wieters and Luke Scott each went 0 for 5.
3. It’s the first time this year, and just the 4th time since 2009, that a team had 18+ hits in regulation and still lost.

The O’s now travel to Pittsburgh to face the suddenly-not-so-terrible Pirates (35-36, 3rd place in NL central).

DC to Pittsburgh? That’s like going from an armpit to a butthole, no?

Let’s go O’s. Beating up on Pittsburgh is fun for all seasons.

Orioles Win in Toronto – For First Time Since 2009

June 16, 2011

Well, the O’s finally won a game north of the border. After 16 consecutive losses to the Blow Jays at Rogers Centre, the O’s won today, 4-3, on the back of RBI by Derrek Lee and Ryan Adams in the top of the ninth inning.

Kevin Gregg came in and – naturally – allowed a home run to the first batter he faced before retiring the side to preserve the win.

It was the O’s first victory in Toronto since August 7, 2009.

Here’s a list of things that were true on August 7, 2009:

  • Michael Oher had never played in an NFL game
  • Ray Rice was still considered a 3rd-down back
  • Nolan Reimold was in the Rookie of the Year hunt
  • Brian Matusz could regularly break 90 MPH with his fastball

Of course, with the O’s, it can NEVER be ALL good news.

Jeremy Guthrie had to be removed from the game after just five innings and 64 pitches, despite allowing just one hit and no runs, due to back pain.

After the game, he tweeted that he strained his right upper back in the fifth. Guthrie also said that “the pain worsened with each pitch.”


Now the Birds travel to Washington, D.C. and then Pittsburgh. I can’t even say that they are facing the “lowly” Nationals and Pirates, though, because the Gnats are a percentag points ahead of us record-wise (.471 vs. .470), and the damn Pirates are a game over .500.

Still, I want to see a sweep in that cesspool of Pittsburgh, please.

In all seriousness, anything less than four wins over the next six will be a disappointment. Even then, the team would still be two games below .500.

Another treat is that we are likely to get to see Vlad Guerrero attempt to play outfield in at least one of those six games, lest Buck decide to use Vladdy in only pinch-hit situations for the next week.

Ah, Birdland.

SWEEEEEEEEEP! Now Let's Not Get Swept, Please.

June 9, 2011

The O’s finished off a three-game sweep of the Oakland Athletics last night with a 3-2 victory. It was a nice little payback to Oakland, who did the same to us a few series back. The sweep was the O’s first over the A’s since 2005, and their first in Baltimore since 1998.

This little O’s fan Boh sweeping man will now be the third that shows up if you scroll down the front of this site, which would seem to indicate that the O’s are having a pretty fine season. Unfortunately, after the previous sweeps of Seattle and Kansas City, our boys immediately hit the skids, losing five of the next seven, then five in a row, respectively.

With Tampa bringing Jeremy Hellickson and David Price both to the mound this weekend, the sense of optimism in Birdland following this latest sweep is extremely guarded, to say the least.

As a result of rest of the American League East scuffling, the Birds find themselves just 5.5 games out of first place at 29-31. Another extended losing streak will likely push that number into the double digits though.

So come on, O’s. Build off the momentum this time, instead of immediately giving it all back.

Goob Live from Ravens Roost Convention 2011

June 8, 2011

As we told you last week, Goob and I were in Ocean City, Maryland this past weekend for the annual Convention of Ravens Roosts. Check out the footage as Goob talks to Ravens cheerleaders, hangs out in the ocean, inserts himself into a parade, and just has a dandy ol’ time downy oshun’.

There will be more where this came from. Stay tuned as Goob tries his hand at auditioning to become the next host of “Drinking Made Easy.

The O's Suck Again. Let's Go to OC and Think About Football.

June 1, 2011

After winning five in a row to climb back to .500 and out of the AL East basement, the O’s have now lost five straight out on the west coast to Oakland and Seattle.

Of course they have.

Instead of getting all bent out of shape about it, we’re going to head “downy Oshun, hun” and party like we have something to celebrate at the annual Ravens Roost Convention.

If you’re gonna be in OC this weekend, come to the Castle in the Sand on 36th Street and have a beer with us.

We’re not hard to find, but here’s a helpful little graphic:

With this damn lockout going on, it’s tough to get too excited about Ravens football unfortunately. Don’t worry. We wont let it dampen the fun.