Michael Oher "Blind Sides" Todd McShay

When I saw Michael Oher going off on twitter yesterday about character issues, I assumed it was in a general defense of new teammate Jimmy Smith.  However, I was mistaken.  Oher was actually aiming his tweets directly at ESPN’s Todd McShay, and not for his criticisms of Smith this year, but for his comments about Oher’s own “character issues” back in 2009.

Here are Oher’s tweets, summarized by the National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson:

“What is Character issues?!?” Oher wrote on his Twitter account in a rare rant from him. “Somebody tell me? I never got in trouble with the Law . . . yes sir no sir guy . . . But this Todd Mcshay guy acts if he knows ppl on a personal level get real!” What if someone was to talk about your son . . . and he had character issues!!

“Thats how my family felt. You need to meet ppl first and then judge them not go off what you hear!! . . .@McShay13 tell me what are character issues because I dont know… you said I had them and you never met me?! And I respect Mel Kiper way more then I respect you…your a joke!!”

Boom, roasted.

McShay has yet to respond, but what can he really say?  Suggesting that Oher, of all people, had character issues is quite a joke.  Oher reportedly dropped in the 2009 draft due to questions about his intelligence and ability to pick up an NFL playbook.  Maybe “character issues” was McShay’s nice way of saying “dumb?”

Regardless, Oher has proven himself to be neither dumb nor of poor character during his time in Baltimore (though his abilities to listen – specifically to the snap count – leave a bit to be desired.)

If you have any questions about Michael Oher’s character, Todd Mcshay (or anybody else), I urge you to take a look at our review of his book “I Beat the Odds,” and maybe pick up a copy for yourself.


One Response to “Michael Oher "Blind Sides" Todd McShay”

  1. Matt Says:

    Michael Oher is just mad because they made a movie about him and they portrayed him as being slow. Ngata dropped to Baltimore because of character issues. I remember Schlereth killing Ngata when he got drafted saying he takes plays off during games and he is lazy. Suggs dropped to us because of character issues. Both Ngata and Suggs been nothing but hard workers and fine players off the field and on the field.

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