Torrey Smith is staying in MARYLAND!

TORREY SMITH is staying in Maryland!

Torrey Smith’s road to Raven-hood has been storybook for the franchise as well as the speedster from the University of Maryland.  It’s completely common for Ravens fans to dawn Terps gear on Saturdays during football season and cheering for Smith is something many fans have already made a habit. The fact that the Ravens had a great addition for their offense playing down I-95 is just something that makes this pick extra special for both parties.

Torrey is poised to become the permanent field-stretching player the Ravens have been looking for to accommodate Joe Flacco’s rocket arm. Seemingly one Coach Harbaugh and Ozzie picked up the phone to call Smith, Donte’ Stallworth immediately started packing his bags.

Smith comes into the 2011-2012 season only two catches behind the player in the role he is replacing so its pretty fair to say this is an upgrade on so many levels for the Ravens.

I’m so glad Torrey is now in purple and I’ll definitely be picking up a T.Smith jersey this offseason. The good news for other Ravens fans/morons who called into WNST every day raving about how much “Troy Smiff” is better than Flacco-they can now take the jerseys out of the trash and put them to use…they just need to replace the number.

WELCOME TO BALTIMORE TORREY!!! Does anyone else named Smith want to join the team?


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