It's Draft Day! Will the Ravens take Jimmy Smith?

With indications that football may be happening in the not-too-distant future, it’s a bit easier to get excited for tonight’s first round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

“The NFL has filed for an emergency stay with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, while the Eighth Circuit considers the NFL’s stay request.  Unless and until such a request is granted, however, we believe the 2011 League Year now has to begin; the Clubs must open their facilities to allow players to work out, meet with coaches and otherwise perform their jobs; and the NFL and the Clubs cannot collectively continue to refuse to deal with players.  It is our view that the NFL and the Clubs will be in contempt of court if they do not comply with the order unless and until they hear differently from the Eighth Circuit.

“We will let you know later today what the NFL is going to do to comply with this order, and what the specific schedule will be going forward.”

We agree with everything they’ve said.  The orders are clear — and the league’s effort to delay the lifting of the lockout have served only to make the situation clearer.  The lockout is over.  Turning players away, as at least three of the teams have done, constitutes contempt of court.

Our man Tony Lombardi from likes Jimmy Smith, cornerback out of Colorado for the Ravens at 26.  Others have confirmed the Ravens’ interest. Personally, I’d rather the Ravens stay away from Smith, whose rap sheet is none too flattering:

  • Flunked three drug tests at Colorado
  • Two alcohol-related arrests
  • Two abortions paid for by parents of the would-be mothers
  • Arrest for 3rd degree assault in a restaurant

While I’m fully aware that we all do things in college that we regret and are ashamed of, these red flags are a bit above and beyond in my mind.  I’m enjoying that the Ravens are moving away from the thug/criminal reputation they had under Brian Billick here in the John Harbaugh era, and I think adding Smith to the roster would be a big step back in that regard. However, winning football games has to be the main concern here, and Smith’s talent is undeniable. I’d just rather, if it comes down to Smith and say, a good pass-rushing defensive end that will instantly make the entire secondary better, the Ravens go with the latter.

Regardless, enjoy the draft!



4 Responses to “It's Draft Day! Will the Ravens take Jimmy Smith?”

  1. Lee Says:

    Damn-didn’t realize it was that bad.

  2. Scott Says:

    Ozzie is going to need someone to abort my foot from his ass if he drafts a friggin’ corner not named Peterson in the first round. Offensive line or pass rusher. No exceptions!

  3. Matt Says:

    Everybody and their mothers are saying the Ravens are taking Jimmy Smith. That means we are not taking Jimmy Smith. My guess we are trading down for more picks. Groan

  4. Scott Says:

    I could also see them trading up, a la Oher, if someone such as Pouncey were to fall into the low 20’s.

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