Will You Watch Le'Ron McClain's Reality Show?

Hat tip to reader Matt for pointing us in the direction of this video, the trailer for Ravens’ FB Le’Ron McClain’s reality show “Beyond the Jersey.” In the clip, look for cameos from other Ravens players like Terrence Cody, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, and more, and also some Baltimore celebrities like recently arrested actress Felicia “Snoop” Pearson.

McClain is planning to test the free agency waters this offseason, so season two of “Beyond the Jersey” may be filmed in an entirely different city. Once that happens, I’ll probably lose all interest in the show, but for now I’m interested enough to check it out. Mostly for all the behind the scenes football footage and to see some Ravens’ players outside of the usual press conference setting; I could really care less what Le’Ron McClain does in his personal time though, and watching show after show of him having parties and rollin’ to the club doesn’t sound like my idea of quality entertainment.

So how about you, Ravens fans? Will you watch “Beyond the Jersey?”


3 Responses to “Will You Watch Le'Ron McClain's Reality Show?”

  1. Goob Theoharris Says:

    I’ll definitely be watching it only under one condition…. EXPLAIN WHAT THE HELL A SWEATER GANG IS !!!!! I’d love to see more of the behind the scenes of the team though.

    Also… take off these captcha code things.. its annoying and I’ll never comment anymore

  2. Dan Says:

    I’ll definatly be watching. Mcclain is far and beyond the best fullback in the nfl, has the smash mouth play like a raven attitude. This guy embodies everything a football player should be, he’s great with the fans, is a beast on the field and seems like a great guy off the field. I hope like hell he stays with the Ravens but if he leaves I’ll continue to watch his show anyway.

  3. Matt Says:

    Nest, it seem like what you want is another Hard Knocks. This looks for like a Black Entourage. Besides Black Entourage seems more interesting.

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