Buck Wusses Out, Calls Theo Epstein to Apologize

Well, that didn’t take long.

Late last week, we O’s fans were rejoicing over Buck Showalter basically giving a middle finger to the Red Sox and Yankees, through his comments to Men’s Journal magazine. (Well, most of us were anyway.  Some people just can’t help but bash every single thing the O’s do, even when EVERYONE ELSE is on board.)

WNST notwitstanding (hey, not everybody over there is crazy – Rex Snider is right with us on this one), pretty much every O’s fan that I talked to via face-to-face conversations, Facebook, or Twitter had virtually the same reaction: Buck Yeah!

Tired of being the whipping boy of the AL East as we B’More fans are, seeing our manager stand up against the baseball “royalty” of Boston and New York was music to our ears. Sure, I’ve heard a few express the sentiment that maybe Buck should just say something along the lines of “we’re not afraid of them, we’ll beat them on the field,” and leave it at that.  However, even Dave Trembley tried that understated approach, and look how much good it did him.

No, Buck took it one step further and really put it out there…

“Derek Jeter is nothing special.

Neither is Wonderboy Theo Epstein.

What of it?”

So we were all very disappointed today to hear that Buck actually called Theo Epstein to personally apologize.

But if all’s well that ends with a backpedaling phone call, this story should now be considered over. Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe reports that Showalter got on the horn with Epstein and apologized for the remark.


Of course he did.  It is 2011 after all, and if anyone, anywhere, anytime says anything that might be considered remotely offensive or suggests that they might have any inkling of an opinion that “bucks” that status quo, rest assured an apology or mea culpa is soon to follow.

By backing off his statements as soon as a little bit of heat got turned up on him, Buck’s comments now might have done even more harm than good for his team.  Instead of standing up to the bullies on the block, Showalter is now just cowering at their feet as soon as the story started to gain national traction.

Very, very disappointing.

Maybe I’ll hold off on ordering that new Buck t-shirt I had been eying up…


2 Responses to “Buck Wusses Out, Calls Theo Epstein to Apologize”

  1. Goob Theoharris Says:

    BUCK NO!!!!

  2. Rust-Man Says:

    Oh no! Why, Buck, why?!

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