'B. Rob' Gets Back on 'Dee Field'

After being on the shelf for nearly three weeks – and giving all of Birdland a sense of deja vu combined with absolute dread in the meantime – Brian Roberts finally got back on the field Sunday in Port Charlotte, Florida.

In three at bats, Roberts walked, struck out, and grounded out.

Part of Roch Kubatko’s recap of B.Rob’s day is a bit ominous to me though:

He’s seen 10 pitches and swung at one

I’m probably just being overly paranoid, but it seems to me like by being hesitant to swing, Roberts was showing us that he’s still might not completely trust his body enough to go all out.

After last spring – when he missed nearly all of Spring Training but was playing by the start of the season, only to be injured in the O’s home opener and go on to play in just 75 games, leaving the offense crippled in his absence – it’s understandable that O’s fans are fretting as history looks almost doomed to repeat itself.

Roberts took the day off Monday, but is scheduled to be in the lineup again on Tuesday against the New York Yankees.

Birdland will be watching, a lump in our collective throat.

Countdown to O’-pening day: 11 days.


3 Responses to “'B. Rob' Gets Back on 'Dee Field'”

  1. Matt Says:

    B-Rob hurt? You don’t say. Unfortunately I won’t make it to opening day because I am starting a new job and my first day is on opening day. You have to make sacrifices but I am making more money. I put in my two week notice and they just got rid of me on the spot. So I am an unemployed winner right now. I think this might be the first opening day I missed since High School. Which was the last time they had a winning record. Coincidence? So I hope this NFL Lockout ends so we don’t have to have this stupid debate.


    Disapointment yes. Bust No. Quarterback busts are guys like Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf. The guy is still in the NFL as a backup. I still think the biggest bust the Ravens ever drafted was Dan Cody. Did he even ever suited up for a game?

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Cody played in 2 games in 2006, registering a grand career total of 1 assisted tackle.

    Boller, while not on the level of those other turds you mentioned, still qualifies as a bust in my opinion. First round draft pick ending up only being a (barely) serviceable backup? Bust.

  3. Matt Says:

    I am starting to agree that Boller was a bust. Just ask Coach Billick. He always says if he could pick a Quarterback he would still be coaching in the NFL. I guess Billick wasn’t invited to Boller’s wedding. I always wonder what would of happen if he stayed in 2008 and wasn’t fired. If they still would of drafted Flacco. Speaking of Flacco he better have a good 2011 because in 2012 the brass wants to paid him. Well the coaches like him, the players act say he is a good locker room guy and the brass likes him. Well take the next step and get paid. Be the Elite Quarterback we know you can be.


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