Drinkin' Bohs and Watchin the O's, Hon

That sweet nectar,  that sweat off Jesus’ arm pits, that elixir that we Baltimoreans call Natty Boh, will be available on draft at Oriole Park at Camden Yards this season. The Orioles, who have seen attendance fall year after year lately, have really tried to hit a “home run” by making Boh available this season.

National Bohemian or “Natty Boh,” as we all know it, with their signature mascot Mr. Boh – who just so happens to resemble the Pringles guy and who is currently boning the Utz lady – has been Baltimore’s iconic beer for years. Loved more for it’s nostalgia and Baltimore pride than it’s taste, Natty Boh has seen an unexpected resurgence in the years since it was purchased by Pabst Brewing Company.

Boh is now brewed in Eden, North Carolina by Miller Brewing Company, but will always represent Bawlmer with each sip. I personally leave Maryland with at least two cases almost every time I get back home and just love that it’s one of the best tasting cheap beers. Be warned though folks, the Orioles will also most certainly be serving the most expensive pints of Natty Boh Baltimore has ever seen. I am not sure of the exact price yet but we can expect a few dollars to be made on each plastic cup of Boh poured inside Mr. Angelos’ walls.

Many people do wonder why I ever moved to North Carolina and I find myself asking that same damn question almost five times a day…however, the truth has finally been exposed. I moved here for BOH!

Please make sure you place your beer orders at least one game in advance because knowing Greedy Petey and the Orioles, they’ll charge you more on the day of the game-just like they do with tickets.

Well Baltimore, I guess we can’t use the excuse of hanging at Pickles or Sliders until the 5th inning just to imbibe as much Boh as possible, and we’ll have to find a new excuse to stumble into the game hammered after the starting pitchers have already been pulled.


One Response to “Drinkin' Bohs and Watchin the O's, Hon”

  1. Scott Says:

    PBR > Natty Boh.

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