B'More Birds' Nest at the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl

As our week of Super Bowl XLV videos concludes, we see Goob taking part in the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl.  In the clip below, you’ll see all of Goob’s “highlights” from the television broadcast of the  game, including catching a touchdown pass from Warren Moon, doing the Ray Lewis dance, diving to break up a pass intended for Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford, and getting asked for his phone number by supermodel Marisa Miller.  You’ll also see some behind-the-scenes footage from the VIP area, Celebrity Green Room, and “Blue Carpet.”


5 Responses to “B'More Birds' Nest at the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl”

  1. NestMinder Says:

    Ridiculous how wide open Goob was for what should have been TD #2 (2:39)

  2. The Future Mrs. Joe Flacco Says:

    Eli Manning should’ve shown more cleavage. Then maybe your team would’ve won.

  3. Matt Says:

    Maybe Goob would of won MVP instead of freaking Turtle!!

  4. NestMinder Says:

    No way they would have given it to a non-Celeb…but 2 TDs and that pass defense would have definitely been deserving.

  5. Matt Says:

    So Harbaugh is here for another three years. Goody now all he needs to do is gain 150 lbs and grow a mustache and he will be the AFC version of Andy Reid. At least he’s better than Shanahan.

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