Media Row Tour with Ray Rice

On Friday, DirecTV hooked us up with a “mystery” Ravens player for a tour of media row in Dallas.  That mystery man turned out to be none other than #27 Ray Rice.  Rice was a blast, hanging with us for about four hours (two longer than he was obliged to) and keeping us laughing and smiling the entire time.  Goob was on local (105.7 the Fan, WNST) and National (Jim Rome, Tony Bruno, Two Live Stews, ProFootballTalk, others) radio shows with Rice talking about the Ravens and his DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan win.

Once Ray left, our press passes were still good, so we wandered around and got some more interviews for B’More Birds’ Nest purposes.

On the whole, just an incredible, incredible day.  Check it out:


7 Responses to “Media Row Tour with Ray Rice”

  1. Matt Says:

    Way to give Billick grief for wearing the Gold tie. I would have loved a Goob interview with the ex coach. Glad to see Ray Rice is a cool dude. I’ve been a fan of him since Rutgers. So what the song you guys used in the montage near the end of the video?

    Goob since you are becoming big time please don’t forget your roots and do an on location video at Camden Yards in front of Pickles or Sliders either on Opening Day (April 4th Baby) or the next time the Red Sox come to town. Which ever one would be funnier. I’d go with opening day because interviewing drunk Orioles fans going to see the Tigers would be fun or you can annoy Red Sox Nation.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Some Camden Yards videos could definitely be cool. Gotta get Goob up here in the Spring/Summatime for some O’s footage.

  3. Matt Says:

    I think Opening Day would be great. Goob can interview drunk fans, girls from Hustler Club or Scores promoting their club, vendors, people in random gear of teams not related to Baltimore. There is always somebody out there wearing a Redskins, Red Sox, Yankees,Nationals and yes even Steelers gear. So give that poor Redskins or Pittsburgh fan grief for their team failing this year. When you do find that poor Steelers fan ask him the reason why the Steelers-Ravens rivalry is so intense because the Orioles and Pirates are awful. I will probably be there opening day. I’ll buy you shots at Pickles. God I can’t wait until Baseball season.

  4. NestMinder Says:

    I’ll be there too, but I doubt Goob will be able to get up here. I’ll hound him about it.

  5. Matt Says:

    Still did I miss anybody from the cast of characters you see in front of Pickles and Sliders on Opening Day? You never answered my question about the song that was used in the montage at the end of the video. What song is it?

  6. NestMinder Says:

    Had to ask Goob. He found it on Some rapper named Jaxx, song called “Game Time (2010 Ravens)”

  7. Goob Says:

    I probably can’t make it up to Opening Day. Sadly, I’ve never made it to an Opening Day before. It sucks because it’s always during work and it’s hard to get up there for that. I can make the excuse for the Ravens but doing that for the Orioles on a week day is pretty hard.

    I’ll make a video or two this year from O’s games, it just depends on my work schedule. I got pretty lucky to have my boss let me off work after just starting here.

    Also, we will have one hell of a video from Ravens Roost Convention in Ocean City this year. I am already thinking about some crazy stuff we can do, want to talk about drunks, the convention is the time to do it.

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