Well, Goob and I are finally back in Raleigh and B’More, respectively after the most incredible weekend of our lives.  We’ll have (at least) three videos chronicling our time in Dallas and Arlington at Super Bowl XLV. We’ll start in reverse chronological order, with Sunday and the game itself.  Goob and I wandered the Jerry World parking lots in search of Packers fans to befriend and Steelers fans to heckle, then proceeded inside to watch the Steelers choke away the biggest game of the year.  Damn good times.  Enjoy:


9 Responses to “Super Bowl XLV (The WHINE AND CHEESE PARTY Game)”

  1. Tracey Despeaux Says:

    The best ever, I had goosebumps all over again watching the greatest loss of the 2010 Football Season.

  2. Matt Says:

    I’ve been waiting all day for this!!! The lady at 5:15 is so gross. Also it was fun to watch Christina Aguilera career die in front of a billion people worldwide. But then again it’s a pretty hard song to do if you think about it. But then again I usually have a few cocktails in me when I sing the national anthem. Susprised you liked the Black Eyed Peas halftime show because it looked awful on television. Its going to be fun without the Steelers fans for a while. Espically that mean spirited unfunny twat Ape. I bet he is in South America or Africa scouring the earth for Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLV championship gear.

  3. NestMinder Says:

    Yeah, I was surprised when I heard people saying the halftime show was bad. From our seats, it was incredible, but we weren’t really paying attention to the music, just mesmorized by the lights.

    I bet he is in South America or Africa scouring the earth for Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLV championship gear.

    I LOL’d.

  4. Christmas Ape Says:

    A third world country merch joke? DURR HURR GOING DEEP INTO THE COMEDY WELL.

    Greatest weekend of your lives? Yikes. Just imagine if the Ravens ever won anything.

    The loss sucked and I’m sure you enjoyed it. Truth be told, unless you’re playing shitty teams like the Ravens, it’s difficult to overcome multiple-score deficits in the postseason. The Steelers almost did on Sunday, but not quite. Based on the way the Packers beat the shit out the Ravens in ’09, I doubt Bawlmer would have even made it a ballgame. And however much you enjoyed it, it wasn’t as much as I loved watching the Ratbirds fall to 0-3 in the playoffs against Pittsburgh. Looked like a fun experience, though. Watching you don another team’s colors (I would never stoop so low – ever) certainly takes some of the pain away. So thanks for that.

    I know constantly obsessing over the Steelers is what Ravens fans do best. So I knew I’d be mentioned in the first five comments here. Sure enough, there’s Matt quoting something directly off KSK. That guy knows more about me than anyone will ever care to know about him.

    And I’m actually glad for Nest. Not only did he get to feel happy about something, but he was spared from having to write another painfully embarrassing bitchfest about the supposed refs conspiracy and how we’re really secretly jealous of Bawlmer and whatever other BS he crammed into that post after Super Bowl XLIII. So, kudos.

    /oh man, so mean-spirited
    //until next season, when we again meet to celebrate the Ravens being owned

  5. NestMinder Says:

    Hi Ape.

    Christmas Ape says:
    December 7, 2010 at 2:14 pm (Edit)

    Just think of it as me making the Steelers next disappointment that much sweeter for you.

    At least you were right about that.

    Greatest weekend of your lives? Yikes. Just imagine if the Ravens ever won anything.

    Greatest weekend ever status was sealed by the time we went into the game. I fully expected Rapenstein to put a damper on the end of the trip once your shitheads got the ball back, but fortunately that didn’t happen. The Steelers loss was simply an exclamation point.

  6. Matt Says:

    Wow the internet service must be great in Equador. I mean Ape is here. Thanks for proving my point you humorless twat.

  7. Goob Theoharris Says:

    Greatest weekend ever was definitely sealed even if the game was never played or the damn Steelers won 100-0. I’ll have the radio row video up tomorrow and the Celebrity Beach Bowl video up on Thursday.

    I hope that we have a super bowl next year but if we don’t lets look on the bright side, Ape will run out of things to bitch about on this website and also his email inbox won’t be flooded with Google Alerts whenever someone mentions his name.


    The email alerts are blowing up!

  8. Matt Says:

    Hell yeah Goob. If you are a Ravens fan and are you are pulling for the Steelers to make a comeback in the Super Bowl so they can cover the your tease and the over. You might have a gambling problem. The Game was great but how was the stadium? You don’t mention anything about the stadium.

  9. Thomas Crowley Says:

    Karmas a bitch ape your rapist scumbag quarterback choked

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