Touchback Kid Gots PAID

Over the weekend, the Ravens agreed to terms with kicker Billy Cundiff for a new contract, the value of which is reported to be 5 years and $15 million.

Cundiff, who tied the modern NFL record with 40 touchbacks, will be planting kickoffs into the end zone for years to come. Let’s hope that 2010 was his new “norm” and not an anomaly. Prior to last season, Cundiff’s high for touchbacks in a season was…wait for it…THREE! He had three or more touchbacks in a game NINE times this year. An outlier in his career numbers, to say the least. The Ravens, though, must be satisfied with Cundiff’s assertion that he has simply “found the sweet spot” on the ball, and must not be in the least bit suspicious that he’s pumping horse steroids into his right quadriceps.

Cundiff also had his best year kicking field goals in 2010, at 26/29. That 89.7% success mark was 10 points better than his previous high of 79.3, set in 2003 with Dallas.

Billy Cundiff had, by all markers, a career year in 2010. Ozzie Newsome and Steve Bisciotti rewarded him for that career year with a huge (for a kicker) contract. Let’s hope Billy can repeat the success he experienced this season in the coming years, or the Ravens could easily regret ignoring their long-held policy of not paying specialists top dollar.


One Response to “Touchback Kid Gots PAID”

  1. Matt Says:

    Let’s see he is getting about 3 millon per year. So that is about 75,000 dollars per touchback. Good for him. A good kicker is hard to find. Just ask the Cowboys and Redskins.

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